XV of France: the results of the two test matches, brilliant Moefana and Tanga, disappointing Jalibert and Vakatawa

the essential
Without the usual executives and Top 14 finalists, the Blues showed a new face in Japan. Some have taken advantage of it like Moefana or Tanga.

They got points:

Yoram Moefana: the Bordeaux center-back continues to make its mark on this team. Already used during the last VI Nations Tournament, Moefana took advantage of the absences of Danty and Fickou to play the entire two matches. And as throughout the season with UBB, the 21-year-old center-back has distinguished himself. In the first game, he produced a top-half second half with a try and plays coming from him.

Less prominent this Saturday, it was he who saved the Blues at the end of the match with his return to Tatafu. Moefana proves once again that he has the shoulders to be the owner of this team. But with Fickou, Danty, Vakatawa, Barassi or even Vincent, the task promises to be difficult. But the Bordeaux are largely capable of it.

Yoan Tanga: He played his first international minutes in Japan with the XV of France shirt. And the least we can say is that he wasn’t scared by the weight of the shirt. Author of an excellent season with Racing 92, Tanga continued his momentum with the Blues. In the absence of Grégory Alldritt, the regular holder of the position, the third center line behaved perfectly.

Despite a second game that was less successful than the first, like all his teammates, Tanga tackled a lot and above all very well. Convincing performances of the Racing 92 number 8 to whom his coach could ask questions even if Alldritt seems untouchable.

Matthis Lebel: One of the only residents of Toulouse who has made the trip to Japan did not make it empty. Despite a difficult season (more than 30 games for him), this year has ended like a cannonball. Excellent throughout the month of May with Stade Tolousain, Lebel was also excellent with the XV of France.

Author of a test during the first match, he gave the cover during the second. The “red and black” winger has been the best blue this Saturday and has finally taken his chance with the blues. In the absence of the injured Gabin Villière, Lebel has shown and shown that he has international level. But we will have to stand up against stronger nations and be more regular. Still, a good omen.

They deserve to be reviewed:

MaxSpring: The back did not play the first game but was pushed headline in the second. Spring therefore had his first selection to replace Melvyn Jaminet. The only change made by the Blues squad, a test they wanted to see the young runner at work.

Spring that sucks … it’s young, first, the pressure … but damn it’s a big mistake! #JAPFRA

—Thomas Corbet (@thomascorbet_mo) July 9, 2022

His game is mixed. On defense, Spring is guilty during the two trials scored by the Japanese, showing too much naivete. But in attack, the young Racing 92 player showed the obvious qualities he has in the image of this advance in the second half when he passed the defensive curtain of the Brave Blossoms. For the first time it was good, but still not enough to be a starter.

Baptiste Couilloud: Lyon’s half scrum had little playing time (18 minutes in the first game, about thirty this Saturday). But he managed to shine, especially during this second test match. Couilloud replaced a borrowed Maxime Lucu and far from his best level and breathed a second wind to the blues.

The number 9 was not afraid to quickly play certain penalties to set the pace as he has done all season with the LOU, making him the best goal scorer in the Top 14. He is the one who marks the test that put the XV of France. in front of the scoreboard. His entry did very well for his team and allowed the Blues to turn the game around. Behind Dupont and Lucu, Couilloud is present.

They disappoint:

Virimi Vakatawa: He has not yet regained his level. Selected in the absence of Danty and Fickou, Vakatawa suffered the comparison with his friend Yoram Moefana. When the latter continued to create gaps in the defenses, the Racing center ran into the Brave Blossoms defense.

Vakatawa is no longer the same … #JAPFRA

– Alexandre Priam (@AlexandrePriam) July 9, 2022

The man with 32 selections no longer weighs as much as in the past in the game of his people. He never managed to play around and was struggling defensively. With the tank that Fabien Galthié has in this position, Vakatawa is not sure to return in November.

Mateu Jalibert: We expected more from the first part of Bordeaux. Although he did not disappoint at all, Matthieu Jalibert leaves this impression of frustration. And who cares if those are the instructions. There are two Jaliberts: one often brilliant with the UBB and a second much less brilliant with the Blues.

Jalibert will make how many disgusting foot games in the arms of the Japanese who are waiting for him to make good raises! #JAPFRA

– Thomas M. ⭐ (@ TMahe17) July 9, 2022

His kicking game was often tough. Obviously, the number 10 of Bordeaux did not play with the usual pack and behind which Roman Ntamack enjoys. But his risk-taking was few and Jalibert did not weigh in on his team’s attack. It will take a lot more if you want to come and evict Ntamack as a starter.

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