XV of France. Blues staff congratulates Thibaud Flament: “He’s got a lot of height”

The Toulousain Thibaud Flament is becoming a place of choice in the XV pack of France.(© Icon Sport)

Thibaud Flament (25 years; 8 selections) is one of the new UFOs of the XV of France of Fabien Garthié which are installed there Blue. Convened for the first time by the tricolor staff last autumn, the second line of Toulouse it was quickly established as an essential element of the Tricolor Forward package. The proof, if any, of its express adaptation in blue, was showered with praise by the staff of the XV of France, this Wednesday, July 6th.

Ghezal: “It’s very important to have a second line that pushes on both sides”

“I want to congratulate the leaders, particularly Thibaud Flament, who took very far-reaching. He did not announce the combinations in contact with his club, but begins to do so in the French team. I had asked him to do the measurement for me. I always tell the players, “I bring 80% and it’s up to you to contribute the missing 20%,” he says of him. Karim Ghezalthe co-coach of the conquest and concrete tasks of the XV of France, before continuing:

He had studied Japanese well, and in the touch stolen by Thomas Lavault in the second half, it was he who had given the correct instructions. (…) It should also be noted that Thibault Flament started the game as a second left line (4) and finished it on the right (5). In our training, it is very important to have a second line that can play for both sides like him.

Karim GhezalCo-coach of the conquest and specific tasks of the XV of France

The versatility Thibaud Flament seduces the tricolor coach who also has the opportunity to use “La Flamme” in the third line, if the need arises, as he has already evolved in this position with Toulouse and has shown good designs.

“We scored 3 tries in the first game, it’s very satisfying”

Broadly speaking, the specialist in the tricolor touch Karim Ghezal, former recognized second line, was delighted with the French lineup that hovered, last Saturday, against the Japanese. “It was the first time Charles (Ollivon, editor’s note) had retrieved the combinations in contact, but he found the right solutions,” Ghezal said, before backing up his words:

We worked hard the first few times of the game and scored 3 tests in this phase: one test after Maul, one test after a Maul failure and another after a deflected touch. And again, we had 2-3 more chances to score. Mostly, we were efficient on the opposing keys and the Japanese could barely start the game, we stole 3 balls from them in the air, plus others on the ground. It was a very high quality game. I want to congratulate the involvement of the leaders and I am satisfied with many things.

Karim GhezalCo-coach of the conquest and specific tasks of the XV of France

But the former Lyon touch specialist, Karim Ghezal, knows full well that the truth of one day is not always that of the next, especially in conquest, and that, therefore, one must be wary of the Brave Blossoms. , during the second summer test, this Saturday (at 7.50 am) in Tokyo. “We know it will be different from the first game. We will have to do it adapt And it is up to us to continue to find other solutions, as if it were a second half that was beginning. »

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