WSBK Supersport Interview with Christophe Guyot: News from Jules Cluzel, Valentin Debise … and more! (1/2)

On Tuesday, Carole’s circuit for GMT94 was privatized, in its broadest sense, and we took the opportunity to interview Christophe Guyot, starting by asking for news of Jules Cluzel.

But the news of the French team is not limited to this …

Christophe, do you have any recent news from Jules Cluzel?
Christophe Guyot
: ” Yes, I received it a quarter of an hour ago. In fact, he feels really good – he sleeps really well and he knows it’s not serious. Obviously, it takes time because there are still small fractures, metatarsals 1, 4, 5, and a small fracture in the left heel. So we ask him not to put on his heel for 30 or 40 days, and Magny-Cours is in 50 days. We’re going to shoot Carole before she leaves to shoot Magny-Cours, and she should do that because she’s super motivated. He knows it’s not the severity of the accident he had last year, with head trauma. There, it was tricky and tense. But there, sure it’s bad luck, there’s no other word, but it’s right in your head. Also, right away, when we accompanied him to the airport with Rémi, he laughed at a phenomenal joke from our friend Yann Marian. I think it’s very strong in my head and I really regret it a lot because it was really the race where, for me, I would definitely get on the podium. But that’s right! That’s right, but once again there are a lot of races left: Magny-Cours will only be the start of the second half of the season and therefore we will consider it as our start. »

Jules ’high side seemed a little curious to many: did you have time to analyze the data to find out the cause?
Ah! No, but he knows it. Sometimes there’s a factor: Jonathan Rea makes the same mistake in the same place, and he recovers. But there, he didn’t recover, and sometimes he plays so much of nothing! It could happen. I think inevitably it didn’t go where it was supposed to go and that always stresses out a bit. There were two of them, really! Just grab the sheets and look at them on the WorldSBK website: in FP1 and FP2, there are two very fast-paced drivers, Dominique Aegerter and Jules. So Jules a little behind, two or three tenths, but still we were still full of hope because he was still quite ahead of the rest of the field. So there was still a lot of hope, and in the classification it is a pity, because it ignites the best partial of sector 1 and sector 2, and fails in the 3rd and falls back to sixth place on the starting grid instead of being second, and maybe that’s not where it all started as it should be. But with the ifs, we would still make the world, so I think we’ll now settle for the fact that there’s nothing serious except that you’ll miss Most, and we can usually expect him to be in great shape at Magny. – Courses. »

Will he be replaced in the next round in Most, Czech Republic?
Yes! Yes because in any case it is first and foremost an obligation! »

In Supersport you don’t have a race like MotoGP?
No! It is an obligation, but we would have replaced it anyway. In fact, Valentí Débise registered as a wildcard. What I didn’t know is that in fact we still got a good boost from Dorna, unknowingly, because when Valentine calls me to tell me she’d like to make the joke, I tell her that maybe she’d do better. to use GMT94, which would be easier and we will help you. Because he did it with his team and his French championship bike, and we agreed to give him an engine and parts. But in fact, I asked Gregorio Lavilla (Dorna) if we could take out the wildcard. And that suits them, because they have a lot of people behind them. So there was really no problem, and there I realized that we are still leaning next to Dorna, and it is very beautiful.
So Valentin’s exit plan for Most is changing and will lead there under the GMT94 colors. He wasn’t particularly picky, because he would have had the same bike anyway but he was going there with his team and I think there would have been two or three mechanics from the French championship who would have been happy, but I think everyone agrees. that we’re not going through a very easy time and that everyone is playing, Valentine is playing too, and that’s great! »

It will continue tomorrow …

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