WSBK Supersport Interview with Christophe Guyot: Carole, 2023, Magny-Cours … (2/2)

On Tuesday, Carole’s circuit for GMT94 was privatized, in its broadest sense, and we took the opportunity to interview Christophe Guyot, starting by asking for news of Jules Cluzel.

You can find the first part of the interview here.

But the news from the French team was not limited to this …

Christophe, let’s temporarily put aside World Supersport and move on to Carole’s circuit to this day: what is it?
It is the Mutuelle des Motards that offers us a whole day to support the riders we support! They are 14 years old, they all received an invitation and many came. They mainly do the French championship but there is one from the Yamaha Cup, Marcus Delestre, who is our favorite because he wears the number 94 and also comes from the French championship before putting himself in a category where he stands out. Otherwise, they are really the drivers of the French championship, in the year 1000 with Martin Renaudin, but essentially in the year 600 with Johan Gimbert who surprised everyone at Magny-Cours and who discovers Carole, Bartholomé Perrin, Enzo de la Vega, Valentin Debise and Justine. Pedemonte in the year 300.
What the Mutuelle des Motards is doing is great because it helps tremendously: driving like this, quietly, is one of the most valuable aids. All of our mechanics are here to help, though two are more focused with Valentin Debise, after the transformation of the project. At the start he came with his motorbike from the French championship, but there we accepted, and so did Mutuelle, that we transform a little and help Valentin prepare Most. But all our other mechanics are with the young people to help them and give them advice. »

In addition, for this season they have received help with pieces such as batteries or chains …
This is. According to the possibilities of our partners, from the moment they asked us, the first to raise their hand were necessarily the first to be served. But we try to bring them what we can, and it’s open to everyone. »

But if you have 200 requests?
We will answer 200 times! I’m not saying we can satisfy everyone, but in any case there will be an answer. It’s like internships: we work a lot with the Jacques Brel establishments in Choisy-le-Roi and Fernand Léger in Ivry-sur-Seine, but we receive requests for diverse and varied internships from Val-de-Marne, France and abroad. So we can’t register everyone, but we always send a response, not a response like “thank you, but we can’t”: we always try to contribute an idea or a project. »

Can we talk about next year for GMT94 or is it still too early?
We can talk about it. For the next two years there will be a Superbike bike and a Supersport bike. It’s voluntary that we don’t do a press release – you ask me the question, so I answer because we’re not here to hide things, but in fact I’m not too interested in talking about it. It’s just done, but I don’t want to talk about it much because we’re not having an easy season and I’m really looking forward to staying focused all season with my two drivers, Andy Verdoïa and Jules Cluzel, as well as Valentin Debise. to Magny-Cours, because it is important to him. For me, for the team, for the drivers, therefore, it is important to stay 100% focused on the goal of achieving the best possible results in 2022! So obviously we’re always forced to prepare for the future, so yes it will be like this in 2023, but I really don’t have more details than that. And really not! The names of the drivers … I really don’t have anything, and I won’t prepare for it before the end of the year – we run because the result decides, so I won’t decide now when we’re not finished. the season! So now we have nothing to decide, except that it will be a Superbike bike and a Supersport bike. »

Yamaha, without a doubt …
Yamaha, obviously, the next two years. What is very important is “thank you, thank you, thank you Eric de Seynes! because the initial option might have been to go with two Superbikes, but our choice was to keep the project at Supersport, and Eric followed me on that, which wasn’t easy. If we want to continue the project with the French Motorcycle Federation, the wildcard could not be done on Superbike! Therefore, being able to continue with the Supersport project is very important because it is generating great enthusiasm in France, starting with the man who won the second wildcard, Matthieu Gregorio. You really have to leave it in place: it’s the DNA of GMT 94! If we do motorcycle racing, it’s to allow everyone to do it.
And Pirelli also supported us in this wildcard project, that of Matthieu Gregorio but also, and this is new and very sporty, that of Valentin Debise. Giorgio Barbier, Pirelli Italy, helps us in the Magny-Cours project, including Valentin Debise, because he understood that without him the project would not be so strong. In fact, you also need to have a locomotive, and if Valentí had planned it today anyway, when it is usually a project for young people, it is because without it: what is the benchmark for young people? It brings a lot of level. What you have to understand is that this year, for the first time, Matthieu Gregorio and Johan Gimbert are two riders who have also broken lap records: in Lédenon it was Matthieu who started beating him, and in Magny-Cours it is Johan. It is amazing! So still missing, we won’t panic, the wildcard is still early, but they really want it … to get a good result, if they’re really aware it’s for learning and not pointing. for the first 5, 6, 7, because this is not possible. There is still a bit left but it is very difficult for them to hear, because when you have managed to do a few laps behind Valentin Debise, you can see the happiness not far away. What is happening and wishes, and once again many thanks Eric de Seynes who has always supported our projects, and now also thanks to Pirelli Mondial who is helping in the project of the French championship, together with the French Federation of Motorcycling, of course. We think there is a look at what is happening in France. Until today we were only talking about Spain and Italy, and now France is being watched by Dorna, the promoter, and by Pirelli the world: I think that means everyone is looking outside that things are happening here. »

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