WSBK Superbike Donington: Scott Redding had the great idea to make a first BMW podium in front of the head

In this round of the Donington WSBK, there were smiles all over the paddock, including the peloton as BMW showed. After a complicated start to the campaign and repeated disappointments that began to openly annoy the Ducati Scott Redding War Prize, this battle of England was a lifeline to close the ranks of German troops. Salvation came with a new rocker commissioned from Kalex that gave Redding confidence to such a new point that it brought the M1000RR to the podium in the speed race. An improvement that was welcomed as Chief Markus Schramm was in place …

Scott Redding knows that this third place was acquired at the end of the 10 laps of the sprint race, a performance that could not be achieved in the other two long and that revealed a M1000RR still greedy in tires, but the podium is still validated. And it rewards hard work: it was a speed race but at least we got it “, mentions the delighted Englishman that the event took place in front of his audience.” We finished in the top three and it wasn’t because of the conditions or because someone fell. I had to fight for it, I really had to give it my all on the final laps “.

Scott Redding keep on: ” It is amazing. I think we deserve it for our effort. We had difficult times. I’m not sitting here saying it happened by magic. The BMW guys behind the scenes have been working really hard. And that’s also what we did on our side. It shows that we can do it and it is also a motivation for the project. Also that Dr. Schramm was there. It was amazing. The whole weekend went really well. We were regularly in the top 5 or the top 6. The difference with the striker narrowed a lot, lap after lap and then in the race. It was very good. I felt really good about the bike and the way it was going. “.

Dr. Markus Schramm, CEO of BMW Motorrad: “ congratulations on this important success

This weekend we took another small step forward with the pieces we renewed, albeit just to make me feel comfortable on the handlebars. “, dit Redding. ” I no longer think it’s my bike and that’s very important. I have confidence up front. And it was good to be consistent. It’s not that you’re fast in one session with a new tire and not in the other session. This weekend we have always been in a good position and we are getting closer and closer to the striker. Even from race 1 to race 2 we greatly reduced the difference “.

It was a big step for me, I’m very happy with it. All in all, I had a good weekend, a lot of things happened with all the fans, which created a great atmosphere in all the races. You can see I ride a bike and I love to ride a bike. This is another key aspect for me. I’m having fun, and that’s how it should be ” finished Redding.

The last words go to Markus Schramm The CEO of BMW Motorrad seen at Speedweek: ” It’s been a very successful weekend here at Donington Park and I’m very happy for Scott and the whole team for his first podium of the season. Congratulations on this important success. It was great to see him there said Schramm, radiant with delight. ” This podium is the reward for the hard and intense work everyone is doing on this project. And it shows that things are getting bigger. This is only possible thanks to the great commitment with which all the people mobilized for this project are involved, and for that I would like to thank you. “. Redding he is now a better driver BMW overall, ninth with 79 points. His distinguished colleague Loris Baz it is eleventh with 60 units.

Scott Redding celebrates third place, in the background Dr.  Markus Schramm with me

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