WSBK: If for BMW MotoGP it is an issue, Superbike is currently a failure

There is a lot of talk at BMW about this place released by Suzuki at MotoGP, which is an opportunity to get into the Grand Prix paddock. Especially because the promoter Dorna would treat the application so favorably that it would undoubtedly offer interesting reception conditions. However, in Munich there is an automotive division that does not see it well, while even within the motorcycle department, some point out that the brand is already in a world-renowned championship with the WSBK. A discipline where the M1000RR is far from impressive and which therefore needs all the resources of the company to be worthy of the brand it represents …

BMW is a respected name in the world of motorcycling, but does not impress in the world of competition. On the track, when it comes to fighting in the categories dedicated to speed, German motorcycles receive the lesson, of course, from the Japanese, but especially from the Italians. The specific case is that of WSBK with a M1000RR fall when you see it in the dealerships, but it costs you to get out of the second half of the pack in the rankings. Faced with this performance, can the Bavarian trigram seriously consider an adventure in a MotoGP that is one step above the Superbike world?

The answer may be what you think Scott Redding of the project BMW in this category. The Englishman now has enough experience and benchmarks from his career that he spent under other awnings to assess a builder’s involvement and strength in a paddock. We find your comments about Speedweek as follows: in Shaun Muir’s team, everything is smaller and compact. In Ducati there are a lot more people behind, they have a bigger structure “Analyzed the winner 12 times at WSBK.” BMW has the resources, but the racing department is quite small. It’s good to be able to react quickly. But sometimes you need more staff to build a bigger project “.

BMW has the resources and they have a plan

Anything is possible, but how long will it take? he asks openly. ” Many measures have already been taken. But I don’t know how many steps have been taken in the last four years and what can I expect for the next four years. Patience pays off, but unfortunately I don’t have any. BMW has the resources and they have a plan. I also think there are people behind the scenes who can help. It’s okay if I’m the best BMW driver. But I’m here to win. If I can’t do it, that’s my problem and I have to face it. After all, we have to work together as a group, improve tenths by tenths of a second, and push the boundaries. “.

Given the situation thus described, it is difficult to imagine BMW you can disperse by embarking on a Grand Prix adventure. The best result for a driver BMW this season is a 5th place for Redding in the second main race in Assen. After twelve races, English is tenth overall with 48 points, three ahead Baz 11th. Internally, we defend ourselves: “ our development teams do not stand idly by, but react to our needs “, highlighted Shaun Muir, Head of the BMW Motorrad team. Director of BMW Motorsport, Marc Bongersadded: ” there are some problems we need to fix “said the Dutchman.” Race outings have to be better, because we always have discontinuities. With the electronics and the rear suspension we have also taken steps with new parts “.

So many elements that are even more complex to deal with with MotoGP prototypes. Great progress has been promised for the next round of the WSBK to be held in Donington from July 15-17. So we look forward to this deadline to realize BMW’s ability to react in a major international speed competition, in the face of tough competition on the subject.

Marc Bongers

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