World Seven Rugby World Cup: Entente Cordiale a Armandie

The Blues entertained Armandie’s audience by offering them an offensive festival until the final.

Loic Dequier

One year before the 15th World Cup in France, the military showed the way forward for Fabien Galthié’s protégés by making La Marsellesa resonate with Armandie. This result also confirms the progress of the men’s team created a few years ago and which regularly participates in national and international tournaments. “For six years, this team has been registered in the Elite circuit of the FFR where it has finished the last two editions in the 3rd.e place behind the associations of 7 formed by players of France 7 or France Développement “, says coach Benoît (can’t reveal his name) who left the Paris fire brigade for a weekend. His protégés set fire to the Armandie’s turf yielded just two tries before the final!

“A spirit of the body”

Although the level was very heterogeneous, as Ivory Coast players were unable to make a correct snail pass, the French soldiers showed a level of play that especially impressed the former glories of the USA as Philippe Benetton or Pierre Berbizier , but also the ex-extreme Georges Tilsley who does not miss the opportunity to make the trip from Perpignan to find the grass of Armandie. It should be noted that the partners of Captain Jimmy Peuchaud had set the forecasts with three weeks of preparation at the CNSD (Center National des Sports de la Défense), Collioure and Mont-de-Marsan. There is no doubt that this first world rugby seven-a-side military championship will be missed.

The French men's team is made up of federal players and aspiring professional clubs.

The French men’s team is made up of federal players and aspiring professional clubs.

Loic Dequier

Especially because this type of competition can serve as a springboard like Tavite Veredamu who was a legionary in the 2nd.e infantry regiment in Nimes when it was discovered by the French team at 7 o’clock. federal passed by the Espoirs of the RC Toulon. “It was super rewarding to evolve with players whose job it is, it would be good to do it again to develop even more. Meanwhile, the French manager wants to “thank the regiments that during these three weeks have made a great effort to separate the active soldiers” to try to gain ground against the British army.

Benoît (wearing a cap), the manager of the French military teams, is delighted with the rise of power of his protégés.

Benoît (wearing a cap), the manager of the French military teams, is delighted with the rise of power of his protégés.

Loic Dequier

“The strength of these players is that they also play for their teammates who are operational or have been injured and do not have this opportunity to play rugby which is still a pleasure,” said the French coach. Whether we are firefighters, aviators, sailors or the army, we all speak the same language, the language of the defense professions, with the spirit of the body, the values ​​of work and self-improvement, and the will to defend the nation. But it was still necessary to federate a group and a state of mind, and for the two teams to be able to coexist. »Bet won.


Women : 1. France, 2. United Kingdom, 3. Australia, 4. Spain, 5. Uzbekistan. In a unique group of five nations, the French have achieved a clear round by beating the All Pinks of Uzbekistan (24-7), the United Kingdom (31-0), Spain (41-0) and Australia (17-5). ). . The Blues found Spain in the semifinals (38-5) and again beat the United Kingdom for the title (24-12).
Men: 1. United Kingdom, 2. France, 3. South Korea, 4. Australia, 5. Uzbekistan, 6. Spain, 7, Netherlands, 8. Georgia, 9. Ivory Coast. The Blues did not go into detail until the final, conceding just 2 tries (against South Korea) in five games against Uzbekistan (42-0), South Korea (40-14), Ivory Coast (54-0) ), Spain (56). -0) and Australia (45-0) in the semifinals. But the United Kingdom put an end to the Blues’ dream of winning the final (24-10).

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