Women’s Euro 2022 – The thousand costumes of Ada Hegerberg

It was not expected there, so strong, so observed. Because he had made a line in the selection and because his day-to-day life resembled that of a dent the future at the highest level was no longer guaranteed. But Ada Hegerberg is very present in England. Better yet, she will be one of the iconic stars, if not the only one to stand out after Alexia Putellas ’unfortunate last-minute package.

To get there, Hegerberg will have whipped. And it is with multiple hats that he arrives in Southampton where Norway begins its search this Thursday, against Northern Ireland (9pm).

Women’s World Cup

England made a strong impression

06/27/2019 at 8:52 p.m.

The ghost

This is obviously the first “exploitation” to stand out. That Ada Hegerberg has managed to return to the highest international level is a small feat. On January 28, 2020, he suffered a ruptured cruciate ligament in his right knee. True to her reputation as a worker and eager to participate in the Final 8 of the Champions League, she is advancing at great speed.

But in the summer of 2020, feeling great pain in the other leg. Verdict: stress fracture in the right tibia. Result: 20 months of competition will be lost. He set off for a trek across the terrible desert. “I couldn’t even explain everything I had anymoreconfessed Camille Abily, who accompanied him daily to the OL. But she wouldn’t let her go. It wasn’t easy because when you come back, you think you can do everything you did before. But it takes time, it takes acceptance, and it’s harder to accept not having the same level as before the injury. During the first workouts you can accept it, but when you are in failure … At some point you have to accept work and work, and that is what Ada did.“.

My agent has often come to Lyon to support me because my husband, a professional footballer, is often absenthe told L’Equipe last May. We played Monopoly and I went against him with so much rage, poor thing, I hadn’t competed in so long! He sufferedBut Monopoly had lasted long enough: it is in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he is making his big comeback in the autumn of 2021 with OL. His return will be as thunderous as it is amazing.

Ada Hegerberg

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The Golden Ball in power

On his injury, there was OL and the others. Upon their return, the Fenottes had lost their national and European crowns. Thus, Hegerberg changed his badly dressed suit to that of the final savior. From October 2021 to July 2022, it is once again an amazing goal machine. With OL he scored 17 goals in 28 games and above all allowed Sonia Bompastor’s squad to regain power.

It is in the Champions League, a competition in which she is still the all-time leading scorer (55 pawns in … 53 matches), where she shines the most. He threw OL in the return quarter against Juve (3-1), he also scored in the return semi-final against PSG before beating in the final to put Barça de Putellas underwater (3 -1) . With six goals in 10 games, she is again invited to the standard team of the season in C1 but leaves the status of best player to a Putellas above the fight.

Still, in view of the Lyon double and his ambitions with Norway, the one who was the first to lift the Golden Ball in 2018, seems the ideal candidate to lift the prestigious trophy again. Especially in the absence of the Spanish star. Unless one of her OL teammates, like Wendie Renard, ends up winning the timpani …

The national symbol

Without a doubt, this is one of the bravest options of recent years. However, viscerally linked to her country and her national team, Ada Hegerberg had made a strong decision at the end of Euro 2017: to leave the Norwegian national team. “It created a real shock wave in Norwegian sport“, explains Helene Fineide, reporter for Discovery Norway. At issue: a real dissatisfaction with the functioning of the federation, and the unequal bonus system between men and women.

Of course, it was from the outside that he lived his course during the 2019 World Cup (quarterfinals). But time did her job and the backstage work of Lise Klaveness, who became president of the federation, ended up convincing her to make her big comeback again, almost five years after her departure.

I missed a lot not to play for my country, in the national teamhe confessed to OL Play a few hours after the formalization of his big comeback. I am very happy to be back. This is a good opportunity to continue to develop gender equality in Norway for football and future generations. But there is still a lot of work to be done“.

Against Kosovo, he quickly resumed his habits: a hat-trick to sign his great comeback (5-1). “It’s just a taste“He will explain, bravado. The enthusiasm from Norway has no equivalent. In front of New Zealand, the crowds almost erased the historical record dating back to … 2000.”It’s time to make this record“, he had waited before the launch. A mark that should fall quickly. The Hegerberg effect.

Ada Hegerberg

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The defender of equality

It is clear that Ada has become one of the great figures in women’s football and a strong voice in the sport.believes the Danish journalist. The fact that he had positioned himself, that he had done his best with the national team feeling that he did not have the respect he really deserved made many people here think twice to reconsider women’s football.But Hegerberg didn’t stop there.

As her voice carries more, a few weeks ago she decided to take on the role of women’s football spokesperson. And the values ​​he defends. On Twitter, he attacked everyone. To Gianni Infantino after his speech linking the World Cup every two years and the fate of refugees in Africa. To Noël Le Graët, reproaching him for not being able to sail to the 2019 World Cup in France. Before supporting its president, he had the courage to criticize the awarding of the World Cup in Qatar to the FIFA congress.

People who follow the sport are grateful that people who can take a position do so.assumed with The Team. We must stop saying that politics has no place in sport. Sport is politics. It reflects society. As soon as we have some power, we could also use it better. I was born into a family very committed to democracy, equality and the environment. My job is certainly to play ball on a field and not say a word, but these are things I can’t keep quiet about.“.

Ada Hegerberg lifting her Golden Ball in 2018

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The international star

It is precisely this frankness and this social involvement that convinced Nike to bet on it. In June 2020, it was through a still unprecedented deal in women’s football that the comma brand snatched the Norwegian star from Puma. Contract amount? Unknown, but Forbes had put it in six figures a year …

In a statement issued by his agency, it was specified that he would share “the main roles alongside athletes such as Lebron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, Naomi Osaka, Serena Williams and Kylian Mbappé, as world ambassador“That’s all. If Americans, in particular Alex Morgan or Megan Rapinoe, have already experienced these exhibitions, in Europe, Hegerberg is a pioneer.

But Nike isn’t the only brand that makes her a world muse: Hublot has made her a shock ambassador, just like Mastercard. She also became the ambassador of the Danone Nations Cup, under the auspices of the great honorary sponsor, Zinedine Zidane. When we tell you that she is separated …

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