“With the blues, we always want titles”

Before starting his press conference this Wednesday in Clairefontaine, Benjamin Pavard paid tribute to Didier Deschamps, afflicted. He then responded on hot topics.

The ambition of the blues for this June streak

“We still want to win the League of Nations (the Blues are defending champions after last October’s success against Spain) and we want to win the next four games (Denmark, Croatia, Austria, Croatia). The World Cup is approaching (November 21-December 18) but don’t think about it too much, we are always hungry for titles and even if you win, you still want to play and win all the trophies. »

Four games in eleven days, his vision of hellish cadences

“We have a lot of games, it’s a reality, but for me it’s always a pleasure to be in the Blues. I don’t care and I’m always happy to sing this Marseillaise. I was absent from the last meeting (because of Covid), especially during the game in Lille where I wanted to be (he is from the region). Coming back here is a great pleasure, seeing friends again too, so no, it’s no problem having these games at the end of the season. »

Benjamin Pavard Lia Mancini / PANORAMICA

His mood after his change of position in the French team

“It is certainly a pleasure because it is my position (central defender and no longer right winger) from the under-19. When I started as a professional, I was shuffled right and left. In the national team in France and in Munich I played on the right wing, but where I feel most satisfied is as a center-back. We take our marks in this system (3-4-1-2) and I am glad we are playing with this tactic. We use it and evolve in this way with Bayern … After the World Cup, it is still a long way off. (About the competition with Koundé and Saliba) The competition is everywhere in the French team, only the field speaks and I want to do everything to keep my place (as a starter). »

His vision of recent incidents at the Stade de France and Saint-Etienne

“I am sad because people come to the stadium to support us and we play for them. I can understand the frustration of Saint-Etienne (relegated to Ligue 2) and some teams, but it’s a bad example for kids. Personally, I can’t change much but I wish it was quieter (in the stands). In Friday night’s game against Denmark, personally, I’m not afraid (for his family in the face of possible new incidents). »

His position on the issue of image rights with the Blues

It’s good (to have an upcoming meeting), the president has come (Noël Le Graët, present in Clairefontaine this Wednesday), we haven’t necessarily talked about it but there will be a meeting and we’ll talk about all this. (closes) We’ll all talk about it together, but I’m here to talk about football and not image. »

His future at Bayern Munich

“I have 2 years left on my contract, I’m very happy there but in football you never know what can happen …”

Benjamin Pavard at the Cannes Film Festival LOIC VENANCE / AFP

His ascent of the steps at the Cannes Film Festival

I didn’t go badly with a dress (laughs), I received a lot of messages (inhabitants) but I wanted to unpack a bit while still being a professional because I’ve been waiting for this list for a long time. I came there with my personal trainer. We were able to savor a little but not quite. If I plan to make movies? Maybe after the race, you never know (smiles). »

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