With rookies Anthony Belleau and Jules Plisson, a key season for ASM Clermont

Morgan Parra in the scrum half, Camille López in the opening. This association was the most used link in the history of the ASM. It goes without saying how much of a void the two men will leave in the Clermont-Ferrand side.

At number 9, the “Yellow and Blue” had the necessary tank to see the finish with the confirmed Sébastien Bézy and the young shoots Kévin Viallard and Baptiste Jauneau. At the opening, the position looked more complicated with the departure of the disappointing John Joseph Hanrahan after just one season. But by picking Anthony Belleau (26, 110 professional games) and Jules Plisson (30, 237 games) for the opening spot, Clermont favored experience for an adaptation that will hopefully accelerate. A necessary quality so that they can quickly impose their legs.

“We expect them to evolve with their quality, specifies Xavier Sadourny, coach of the backs. They must not try to do what Camille López or his predecessor did. They have to impose their DNA, their character and their rugby upbringing. Anthony and Jules must wear something different. If we told them it is because we have confidence in their quality. They have a lot of experience, they are used to big games. In terms of game leadership, offensive building, and excitement, we don’t care about these two players. »

Champions Cup: ASM will start the competition at home

Especially because Anthony Belleau and Jules Plisson arrive in Auvergne with the desire to show the extent of their ability. A little behind in the previous months, both want to use this new experience to take the icing on the cake again. For the former La Rochelle debutant, succeeding iconic players in the animation of the game is a real source of motivation.

Plisson: “Be effective quickly”

“Camille and Morgan have brought a lot to ASM. They made the good days of the club. Few players have stayed so long at a Top 14 club. It’s a big challenge to beat them for sure. But it’s exciting. Now we have to find automation with my new teammates in the field. Personally, I feel a strong desire for revenge when I get here. I really want to act. In La Rochelle, I have tried to work in my corner for the last few months to be effective as soon as possible .”

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For Anthony Belleau, the situation is somewhat similar. His last months at Rade’s side were also sometimes tumultuous. At 26, the international opening also needed a new challenge. Putting yourself in danger within a club with stated ambitions.

“I reach a position that requires taking the reins and leadership. Inevitably, there will be a great deal of work to do on this. It’s a big challenge and a big challenge. When you see the restructuring that is being done and the history of this club with all the opening acts that have been through here. It’s something that motivates. At 26, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and feel what was inside me. »

Like his opening partner, Anthony Belleau will have no choice. They will have to face the six weeks of preparation until the first meeting of the Top 14 at the Estadi Français in early September.

Arnaud Clergue

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