“With all the changes that will happen, great things will happen” at PSG, Mbappé promises

The Blues and Paris-SG striker gave an interview to BFM TV from New York on Friday.

Kylian Mbappé, world icon. Like this giant Times Square poster in the heart of New York, the 23-year-old world champion is recognized all over the planet, beyond the realm of football. Also, the United States is not really a great football country, let’s be honest …

Released from his duties at the French national team and PSG, but not really on holiday in Uncle Sam’s country. If this Thursday he took advantage of this trip to attend the NBA Draft, Mbappé is also in the “Big Apple” as part of his association, IBKM, which aims to support young Parisians in working life, but also know the so-called Omar, a former prisoner of Bashar al-Assad’s prisons. “I may be impressed, but I will be much more.“, smiles the tricolor international, in an interview granted this Friday to BFM-TV.

Interview during which Mbappé remarkably returned to Nasser Al-Khelaïfi’s recent statements. “We no longer want bright and shiny, it is the end of brilliance“, fell to the Parisian . Precisely, number 7 shapes this new project. “I don’t know if I’m totally the counter-example of bling-bling, when you have your head in Times Square you’re a little bling-bling (laughs)he jokes. But I’ve always made football my priority. For me, you can’t necessarily separate the two, but I understand the club’s message. This is the message they sent me as well.»

In the last two years, we have been less afraid

Kylian Mbappé

A kick-shaped message in a Parisian anthill that needed him to aim for the highest European peaks. “It’s the clear goal, shown, that’s what we want. But we know that there is a way, it is to achieve unanimity at the national level, I think we have not done in the last two years. We were less afraid, we were less untouchable. Winning the Champions League also goes hand in hand with this, making it untouchable again, as there is no longer much discussion in the championship, although it takes away the suspense. But we are by our side and we do what we can. I think that’s why we find these bases and then try to conquer Europe“, insists Mbappé, who also evokes the prospect of becoming the top scorer in the history of the capital’s club.”He may be fine (smiles). It will be amazing if I manage to do it, but if I keep doing this, there is no reason why I can’t.“, he lets go. With 170 hits, the interested party is just 30 lengths from Edinson Cavani’s record (200).

One thing is certain: expanded a few weeks ago and described as “cornerstone of the club projectby President Al-Khelaïfi, Mbappé does not want to throw the blanket at him or vampirize everything. “There was a PSG before me, there will be one after. Everyone knows my ambition to leave my mark on this club. PSG have their identity and I just carry my stone in the building. PSG will continue to be PSG, it has had this identity since its inception fifty years ago. I just want to take this beautiful page to this magnificent book that is PSG“he says, repeating”the club arrives before everyone elseincluding himself. “This is the club project, not mine. From here things are clear and I will return to the restart to do what I do best, play and score goals“, keep on.

All without forgetting the World Cup, with perhaps a second coronation in play. “That would be good too … We have work to do but that is the goal, that is what we want. This is an unprecedented opportunity, we will try to seize it. There is a lot of work. We have seen that we are not yet fully prepared. But there are still a few months left. It will be fine. I’m sure“indicates Bondy ‘s crack, ambitious.

Footballer, but not only

That, however, doesn’t stop Mbappé from seeing beyond football and making his voice heard off the field. “I have never had the habit of hiding. Then, it’s a slippery field but I’m tight, I don’t just want to play football and go home. I am a man of this society, like the others, everyone gives their opinion and it is that my voice carries a little more. I try to act according to my values ​​and principles“analyze, believing”the voice of people we don’t hear“. And add:He can move the lines and leave a mark other than through football, as a man. My football life will end one day. But my life as a man, I hope it continues longer … Although we must always stay focused on our profession, we are not locked into this bubble and we know what is happening in society.»Head and legs.

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