winners on the track of the Celtics, Curry and the Warriors in the seventh heaven

Golden State left Boston last night on the boards of TD Garden (90-103) and won the seventh NBA championship in its history.

The victory and the coronation of Golden State. Led by the MVP of the 2022 NBA Finals, Mr. Stephen Curry, who scored 34 points in 6/11 triples on Thursday night, with 7 rebounds and 7 assists as a bonus, the Warriors eliminated the Celtics (90-103). ) at TD Garden, Massachusetts, and won the series 4-2, capturing its fourth title since 2015 and the seventh in franchise history. Only two clubs have more banners hanging from the ceiling of their room: the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers (17).

Jaylen Brown (32 pts), Al Horford (19 pts, 14 rbs) and company held out all the time as they were able to return to 22 lengths at the height of Golden State dominance on Thursday. But how can you expect victory with 22 bullets lost … Especially when the other local star, Jayson Tatum, finishes at 6/18 shots (13 pts)! For the Warriors, 18 points from Andrew Wiggins, 16 from Jordan Poole, 12 from Klay Thompson, awkward (5/20), and 12 points, 12 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 steals, 2 blocks to credit Draymond Green. The count is good for the Californians, last in the 2019-20 (15-50) season standings and now back in the lead. “No one thought we would be here a year ago, except for the people on the groundCurry recalled, moved to tears at the end. Strong, very strong.

Boston has started strong, but …

It all started, however, ideally for Ime Udoka’s players, offensively developing a dream basketball and taking advantage of the visitors’ cascading ball losses (14-2). It wasn’t going to last … Curry and company found their spirit, their game, their defense, and the C’s also started to multiply the ball losses as the triples fell like rain next to the Warriors. The start of a 21-0 in the first two quarters (22-16, then 22-37)! Rhythm, skill, Poole as a blaster from the bench: Boston overwhelmed … but not drowned, with a 7-0 to revive the machine and suspense (29-37). Despite Robert Williams III’s deterrence (10 pts, 7 rbs, 5 body) in painting, Golden State began to (re) take off (33-54) and complete the first period at +15 (39-54). MT). 24 points for the Splash Brothers, 26 rebounds for 17 for the Warriors, 10 for 3, 12 turnovers for the C’s (8)โ€ฆ Dubs just a handful above.

The Curry Festival

One step above, but still not enough to declare victory, with always these ball losses and Horford putting his nose to the window (44-57, then 47-60). The moment Curry chose to climb the towers and set himself on fire: three perks for him, plus two for Otto Porter Jr. (50-72). The Curry Festival, after its 0/9 away game last Monday at the Chase Center, was to be expected …

Accustomed to upheavals, the C’s had not yet said their last word, led by Brown and Horford, the latter, the author of a third quarter of madness, blowing up the TD Garden against Poole (65-74, then 66 -76). end of 3rd QT). Passing the cold from afar, with a series of 11 missed triples, the visitors left the door open, Brown lowered his team to -8 with 5โ€™35 from the end (78-86). Never closer. The Warriors scored 10 of the next 13 points (81-96), with a triple by Curry that conditioned the TD Garden. Wiggins, still great on defense, with less than 2 minutes to play, killed the game (84-99, then 90-103 final score).

Tatum and Brown, the future ahead

After dismissing Brooklyn (4-0), Milwaukee (4-3) and Miami (4-3) fans, the Celtics, in search of an 18th coronation and the first since 2008, have found someone to talk to. . The Warriors were at the end of their odyssey after beating Denver (4-1), Memphis (4-2) and Dallas (4-1). It remains to be seen if they will have a chance to further beautify their record in the coming years, when Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are in their thirties. At 24 and 25, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have their entire future ahead of them. Its time had not yet come. It was still these Warriors that we thought had ended after the departure of Kevin Durant in 2019 and the injuries of the “Splash Brothers”, in particular Klay Thompson. We were wrong. The test.

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