Wimbledon: Jannik Sinner, the other young man on the rise: “Gives a lot of confidence”

Who can still avoid the scheduled reunion between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal in the final of this Wimbledon 2022? The issue quickly arose during this fortnight marked by the absence of Russians and Belarusians (including world number 1 Daniil Medvedev), the withdrawals of Matteo Berrettini and Marin Cilic even before the 1st round because of Covid or even all the early elimination of Felix Auger. -Also. In the lower part of Mallorca, a name quickly stood out: that of Nick Kyrgios. In the Serbian, all eyes were on Carlos Alcaraz.
And rather logically. Isn’t the Spanish phenomenon the last player to win the two monsters in succession in Madrid? Wasn’t he clearly gaining momentum the first week, even crushing Oscar Otte, a dangerous player on grass, in the 3rd round? But last Sunday, another young man already established in the world tennis elite blocked his way after a high-level match: Jannik Sinner.


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A simple but devilishly effective game on grass

Doubled in the standings by Alcaraz and even overshadowed by its meteoric rise in recent weeks, the Italian recalled that he had many weapons to hold, too, the top of the sidewalk in the coming years. In particular, an exceptional striking quality and a lot of composure. Maybe even too much to convey their emotions and establish a real connection with the audience and tennis fans. But that ability to stay ultra focused and this almost robotic game works wonderfully on Wimbledon turf.

Alcaraz’s problem sometimes is that he has too many options in his game. If you compare him to Jannik Sinner, it seems that Sinner has a very simple game, almost one-dimensional, although he improves in all areas., explained Mats Wilander, Eurosport consultant, analyzing the match. ‘Carlitos has so much talent, explosiveness, touch … And this mix is ​​very rare, we may never have seen it in anyone. I’m just saying that the way forward is perhaps to simplify the game. At high voltage points, you should be able to rely on simple diagrams.. “

Therefore, Jannik Sinner perfectly installs his “simple schemes” on a surface where time for reflection is more limited than elsewhere. And the efficiency of the Italian during this fortnight illustrates above all a slight but fundamental progress in his game, even more decisive on grass. In the first set of his round of 16, he also recovered so well that Alcaraz won less than 50% of the points behind his first.

An already impressive regularity in Grand Slams

And his next rival in the quarterfinals, Novak Djokovic himself, did not fail to notice. “He is very solid and dominates all the shots very well: service, return, right, reverse … He constantly presses his opponents. I recognize myself a bit in his base play, in the way he hits the reverse and stays close to his line. He plays fast and rhythmic, we trained here together, so I know what to expect“, he analyzed.

These improvements are even more noticeable, as Sinner was unable to play any warm-up tournaments due to an injury to his left knee that forced him to retire in the round of 16 at Roland-Garros. To tell the truth, before this 2022 edition of Wimbledon, he had not yet won a single turf match in his career. This fortnight shows, then, that the work done with Simone Vagnozzi, his new coach for a few months after separating from Riccardo Piatti, is bearing fruit. And this while his association had aroused some comments about the lack of references of the new mentor, little known by the taste of some.

But Sinner ignored it, just as he cares little about being “flexed” or charismatic on a track. From this point of view, as well as for his natural power and the cleanliness of his strikes, he recalls a certain Tomas Berdych. He also shares with the Czech, long-time resident in the Top 10, an increasingly interesting consistency in the results in Seniors. For the fourth time in a row and on three different surfaces, he has thus reached the second week and will even play his third Grand Slam quarter-final at the age of 20.

I improved in many areas, including the physical.

Sinner feels more and more in his place in the final rounds of the biggest tournaments. This was demonstrated by his way of managing the fourth set against Alcaraz, who had the wind in his sails. “I was expecting a long match, so I think the preparation was very important. I have improved in many areas, including the physical because in a five-set match there are many key moments. I don’t spare my efforts in training. I work with the right mindset and it’s worth it. This is the way to go and I will continue to do so because I know I still have a long way to go. And we’ll see where I am in six monthshe estimated.

Meanwhile, the Italian tries to take advantage of the present moment. The fact of having known his baptism of fire in the central court against Alcaraz should allow him to approach this room facing with references to the master of the place. “VShe is above all a confirmed Top 10 player (by now it’s the 13th, but in November it was the 9th, editor’s note). He has matured a lot in the big games. I don’t think you feel too much pressure now at the Grand Slams, which happens when you’re younger. He conveys a lot of confidence, he believes he can win against everyone on the circuit, no matter the track.“, noted the Serb.

So does Sinner already have the stuff to create sensation? Of all the players who will still be playing in the middle of Djokovic’s table – Cameron Norrie and David Goffin will compete for the other place in the middle – he is, in any case, the one who seems to have the most assets in his game. The last to beat the Djoker at Wimbledon (true to be abandoned by 7-6, 2-0) was a certain Tomas Berdych in 2017. It is up to the Italian to prove that he can be an improved version.


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