Wimbledon: 5 reasons to watch Djokovic’s men’s final

Unprecedented clash this Sunday in London between the head of the Center Court and the surprise Nick Kyrgios.

At Wimbledon,

For the unprecedented

The neophyte and the regular. One is playing his first Grand Slam final, the other his … 32e (absolute record in men’s tennis) and his 8the at Wimbledon. The pair have only played twice in their careers and Kyrgios has won both times in consecutive sets. It should not house, a priori, port complexes against the Serb. But Djokovic’s two setbacks came in 2017, in Acapulco and Indian Wells on hard court, at a time when the Djoker was playing the other way around … On the center court, in the final and in his garden, it could be another story, this Sunday. (from 3 pm in France).

For Kyrgios and the challenge of his life

If you have nothing to lose against the master of the place, the 40e all over the world could be overwhelmed by the pressure of the event. With his usual frankness, the Australian did not hide his mood on Friday, two days before the meeting of his life. He who had never made it to the quarterfinals in a Grand Slam. “I probably slept an hour from Thursday to Friday, out of excitement. I was also very anxious. I never thought about playing the final here.The tortured Kyrgios knows he has possibly the only chance of his life to win a Major. The Australian, who benefited from the Christmas package before his part, should not be taken lightly, especially on grass, but will he play with his usual relaxation? “His best tennis has always been against the best players. That’s why we all respect him, we know what he’s capable of“, assures his opponent.

For Djokovic (again) facing history

“I’m very aware of what’s at stake. In every game, in every Grand Slam tournament I play at this stage of my career, there’s a lot at stake, blows the 35-year-old Serbian champion. I don’t know how many more chances I will have to win a Grand Slam tournament. ” Descended two lengths behind Rafael Nadal in the race for Grand Slam titles (22 for the Spaniard who won this year’s Australian Open and Roland-Garros), and not, for the time being, authorized, for lack of an old covid. vaccine: to enter U.S. territory to compete in the U.S. Open, the Serb must win Sunday. In case of coronation, he will lift the trophy for the fourth consecutive edition, like Sampras. Only Borg and Federer have done better with five. The insatiable, unbeaten at Wimbledon since retiring in the quarterfinals in 2017, with 27 straight victories, can also approach the series of Pete Sampras (31), Roger Federer (40) and Björn Borg (41) . And with a seventh crown, he would join Pete Sampras, his childhood idol.

For contrasting styles

Face to face, perhaps the best server on the circuit when he is well disposed (Kyrgios) against the best receiver (Djokovic). The punch against the tactical master. Fire against ice. Djokovic, an often insurmountable wall, warns: “There is a lot of power in his service and in his game. His service movement is very fluid and very fast. It can strike from any angle. On the lawn, I guess it’s even harder to read their service and come back. It moves well. He has very good hands. He is a very complete player. There is no doubt that he will be aggressive. “Djokovic also delivers, according to him, the key to the final:”In the end, it will be played in the head, which will keep you stronger and calmer in the decisive moments.“. Net advantage in this area, a priori, at world number 3.

For electricity in the air

There will be emotional fireworkspredicted Djokovic. It’s time for sweet words between the two men. In the past, the provocateur Kyrgios had repeatedly verbally turned against his opponent. Tone change this year: “We have a kind of bromance, had fun. I feel like the only player who defended him at the Australian Open (Exclusion of the Serb for his non-vaccination with Covid-19) ”. Surprised by this fiery statement, the local master sneaked in front of the press, smiling. ” I don’t know if I can still say bromance, but our relationship is definitely better than before January of this year, when he was one of the few who publicly supported me. “If Djokovic can sometimes be very nervous on the track and angry, Kyrgios’ behavior will be controlled. Calmed in recent days at a press conference, the Australian volcano could erupt on the track at any time. It had caused chaos to take off. Tsitsipas in the third round, before falling short in the next two rounds.

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