Williams, Renault and Oscar Piastri, rumors add up around a deal

Will the iconic Williams-Renault partnership experience an episode 3? In recent days, there have been growing rumors about the possibility of seeing this couple reunite, with the backdrop of an agreement that will allow Oscar Piastri to make his debut in 2023 in Grove. Some of the ads could be shared on the sidelines of the British Grand Prix in early July.

We still have to be careful. Seeing Williams propelled by Renault engines makes many people dream, but the rumors, although more and more numerous, still leave room for uncertainty. However, they are based on three favorable situations, namely the desire of Mercedes to reduce its number of customers, the desire of Alpine to place its foal Oscar Piastri, but also the desire to have a team partner in addition to its own structure.

The Australian is getting a very solid corridor noise shared by most major commercial media. Arrow A would give Williams hope with a debut scheduled for next season. Some even talk about a two-year collaboration. Grove’s squad would be separated by the disappointing performance of Nicholas Latifi, while the money he contributes could be offset by the smooth running budget limit and the revaluation of Formula 1 as a whole.

Some argue that an engine deal will be associated with that of Oscar Piastri. For Alpine, this scenario is ideal. Not only does he respect his contract with his foal – the Dieppe brand must find him a starting position for the summer of 2023 – but he also keeps it on his lap while giving Fernando Alonso the chance to keep and find -lo. a partner team.

This customer structure is not just anything, as the Williams-Renault name resonates especially loudly. There are marketing opportunities for the French company through this alliance. In addition, anecdotally, the Spanish subsidiary of Losange has chosen to create a Mégane E-Tech with the colors of the Clio Williams in addition to the last Spanish Grand Prix to promote this new flagship model 100% electric. That says a lot about the aura of this association.

Asked about these issues in the Montreal paddock, Williams’ representatives did not confirm or deny these rumors.

“Oscar is interesting for everyone who has a free place. There’s no doubt about it.”says Jost Capito. “This is just a speculation at the moment. [au sujet du moteur Renault]. We have a contract with Mercedes until the end of 2025, and there will be new regulations in 2026. Mercedes has expressed its desire to reduce the number of customers, but on what horizon? I think then there will be a lot of water under the bridge, but in F1 nothing is ruled out. “

For its part, Alpine is impressive with an increasingly efficient engine, although reliability is not yet ideal. Which nevertheless revives the interest around a collaboration.

“I overtook a few cars with new tires and we’ve been very fast on the straights. Our power unit looks solid and competitive, which is always good.”beloved for example Fernando Alonso on the occasion of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.

We must now be patient and give ourselves time to complete these negotiations. The return of a Williams-Renault to the grid today seems credible, but in Formula 1 nothing is done until nothing is signed. To be continued…

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