Why does Sergio Pérez blame the blow on Max Verstappen?

It has never been a mystery, at Red Bull, we believe so firmly in Max Verstappen that all the cars designed in recent years have been designed according to the style and sensitivity of the Dutchman. This certainly explains, among other things, the big gap that existed with his colleagues in 2019, 2020 and 2021, in this case Pierre Gasly, Alex Albon and Sergio Pérez. At the start of the season, the new regulations resulted in cars that were obviously still very blue and obviously not yet sharp. All of this allowed the Mexican to be much closer to Verstappen, to the point of securing pole position at the Saudi Grand Prix on March 27, and three times ahead of his Dutch teammate in one lap. .

But since Silverstone, where Red Bull has brought a new burst of improvements, the Mexican has simply had many more problems with the red bull car. Certainly Sergio Perez got a 2nd place in Britain, but it is the general difference between him and Verstappen that has changed. We now return to a three-way battle between Verstappen, Leclerc and Sainz usually by the advances of the free practice 1, with Pérez at a respectable distance. How to explain it? The former Racing Point driver has his own idea. “I think the development of the car is. Words that suggest, without saying it, that the updates made to the two Red Bulls have been made out of interest and in accordance with the will of the Dutchman, which would not only not be surprising, but above all extremely logical since the Batave is the No. 1 established in Red Bull.

“No matter what you take to the car, you have to adapt,” Max Verstappen said

On the brain side of Milton Keynes, we obviously claim to have favored neither one driver nor another. “I am not aware that we have done anything intentionally so that the car is not to your liking.explained engineering manager Paul Monaghan. Maybe by deploying the tools, Max would find it easier to adopt them. Maybe his setup suits him better than Checo’s. But it’s not like the car’s settings are frozen and Checo can’t change its settings to fit in again. »

Sergio Perez quickly surrendered to Austria, following a clash with Russell. © Antonin Vincent / DPPI

At the Austrian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen had also been tasked with working mainly in his corner. “I still work on my own from the second year at Red Bull. I think I understand how the team works. I base it on my own feelings and my own experience, obviously with the help of my engineers. ”. Asked about Perez’s comments suggesting the car was designed for him, Verstappen also felt it wasn’t. “In general, I think we are always trying to make the car faster. No matter what you bring to the car, you have to adapt. I’m sure. Sure, I say what I would like for my car in general, but the evolutions of the car are not designed specifically for me. They just bring more rhythm.. It’s all a matter of semantics …

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