where to see France-Italy and everything you need to know before the start of Les Bleues

Katoto and Les Bleues challenge Italy this Sunday FRANCK FIFE / AFP

The French team starts the European Championship this Sunday (9pm) against the Italians, so it could already be a Group D final.

Where to watch the first game of Les Bleues?

As in all the matches of the French national team during this European Championship, viewers will be able to choose between TF1 and Canal +, which will each broadcast the match at their side. On TF1, the tandem of comments will be the same as for the matches of the blues, specifically Grégoire Margotton and Bixente Lizarazu, while Canal + will line up a duet Grégoire Marchal-Aline Riera. The launch will take place at 21.00 and you can also follow this duel live with comments on Le Figaro Sport.

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What is at stake for the blues?

In a Group D that also includes Belgium and Iceland, this match between France and Italy is, on paper, a kind of final for first place. Indeed, not content to make his way to the quarter-finals, the winner will also take a serious option in first place, which will allow him to avoid crossing the road to the nation that will finish first in Group C, which could be the Dutch starter. Or Sweden. But beyond the mathematical challenge of the match, this first match will also serve to give the right impetus to a rejuvenated group, talented but perhaps lacking a little experience. As Captain Wendie Renard told us before flying to England, “a hit in the first game would set the pattern for the rest as well as a good dose of confidence.»

Which starting lineup for France?

What would a great competition be without its share of injuries and uncertainties? While on Wednesday all the lights were green for the Blues who had just regained their three affected pairs during preparation – Wendie Renard, Sakina Karchaoui and Grace Geyoro – Friday’s day came to darken Corinne Deacon’s horizon a bit. Victim of an ankle sprain, Kadidiatou Diani has not trained and his presence in the opening match against the Italians is uncertain, although the first exams passed by the PSG player were reassuring. However, should he lose, he would result in a small set of musical chairs in the offensive sector with Delphine Cascarino swinging to the right to leave the left flank to Sandy Baltimore. Another small mistake, the back pain felt by goalkeeper Pauline Peyraud-Magnin, which should not stop him from playing against his Juventus teammates.

The likely team:
Peyraud-Magnin – Périsset, Renard, Mbock, Karchaoui – Geyoro, Bilbaud, Toletti – Diani, Katoto, Cascarino

What do the Blues of Italy think?

A priori, there is a small difference between the blues, 3rd in the world, and the blues who occupy the 14th place in the FIFA ranking. France, however, has no interest in despising transalpine neighbors, according to Pauline Peyraud-Magnin. “We will have to set the tone. I wouldn’t say (we should) fear them, but we don’t have to come quietly“Warns the 30-year-old goalkeeper who has just been crowned champion … of Italy with Juventus.”It is a very good team, which has a very big mind. We already see it during the anthem, you get the impression that the whole country is behind you“, adds the guard. In short, Italy presents a complete game, with”a great mental, physical, very technical one too. It’s a very clever game, just like the boysFor her part, Marion Torrent has some memories of the last France-Italy (1-1), a friendly in January 2018 that Montpellier had played as a starter. Griedge Mbock, present next Thursday, also I was. “It’s a pretty tough, disciplined team, tactically in place. It is a match that we must approach calmly, with weapons, so as not to put pressure on ourselves.before entering the Rotherham turf on Sunday, the Lyonnais said. “There are names out there, they are progressing. In fact, it reminds me a bit of Spain: playing in small spaces, on the floor, etc.“Selma Bacha told AFP. In euros,all teams can bother us but the biggest opponent is ourselves“, concludes the Lyonnais. Without consulting, Torrent maintains the same speech:”It’s okay to talk about the rival but it’s better to focus on ourselves. If our strength hurts, no matter who the opponent is, it will be fine“.

What is the main asset in Italy?

Cristiani Girelli. If France have a top-tier center-forward with Marie-Antoinette Katoto, Italy will not be left out with the Juventus striker. At 32, Girelli lacks experience and efficiency. In 67 selections, it marked 43 goals. Above all, it seems to improve with age, as after scoring 9 goals in 10 games during qualifying for this European Championship in England, he confirmed during the qualifiers for the next 2023 World Cup with 8 goals in so many games played. Ditto during the 2019 World Cup, where he had found the net three times in four games played. Not necessarily very impressive technically or in the game, Girelli, like his compatriot Filippo Inzaghi, has the goal in his blood. The French defense, however, is aware of the danger.

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