where to see France-Iceland and everything about the 3rd match of Les Bleues

Delphine Cascarino FRANCK FIFE / AFP

Already qualified for the quarterfinals and sure to finish first, the French team must find the right balance between running and finding a solution to make up for the Katoto package.

Where to watch the third game of Les Bleues?

As in all the matches of the French national team during this European Championship, viewers will be able to choose between TF1 and Canal +, which will each broadcast the match at their side. On TF1, the tandem of comments will be the same as for the matches of the blues, specifically Grégoire Margotton and Bixente Lizarazu, while Canal + will line up a duet Grégoire Marchal-Aline Riera. The launch will take place at 21.00 and you can also follow this duel live with comments on Le Figaro Sport.

What is at stake for the blues?

No need to lie to each other, this third match of Group D of the French team has no accounting interest. For the Blues at least because the Icelanders, after the two draws against Belgium (1-1) and Italy (1-1), dream of qualifying for the quarterfinals. What a victory against the French would guarantee them, without having to worry about the outcome of the clash between Italy and Belgium that will be played at the same time. The Blues must therefore expect a tough match against Icelandic players whose game is based more on physical density than technique, with a constant commitment. But it will certainly be difficult for Corinne Deacon’s players not to have their heads turned around July 23 and the quarter-finals that await them here at Roterham’s New York Stadium against the Netherlands. Although a success allowed them to match their record of consecutive victories, 17, dating from the period August 2011-July 2012.

What eleven French initials?

Except for having an excellent glass ball, it’s hard to define, for now, Corinne Deacon’s intentions. Given the heat announced next to Roterham – probably around 26-27 degrees at the time of the match after more than 33 during the day – and the total absence of bets, the temptation is strong to rotate consistently for the selector. But at the same time, Marie-Antoinette Katoto’s injury and withdrawal for the rest of the competition could encourage her to use this encounter against Iceland as a large-scale preparation for the offensive quarter-finals. . As long as Ouleymata Sarr, the a priori most natural replacement for the Paris SG striker, recovers from thigh pain. If so, it could be associated with Delphine Cascarino and Kadidiatou Diani. On defense, the central hinge formed by Wendie Renard and Griedge Mbock should be maintained. On the other hand, full-backs Eve Perisset and Sakina Karchaoui could fly, as well as Grace Geyoro in midfield.

Possible start XI:
Peyraud-Magnin – Torrent, Mbock, Renard, Bacha – Bilbaut, Matéo, Toletti – Diani, Sarr (o Malard), Cascarino

How to make up for the void left by Marie-Antoinette Katoto?

Losing his No. 1 scorer after just two games is obviously not the ideal scenario for a coach. Without Marie-Antoinette Katoto, Corinne Deacon is faced with an alternative without which she would have done well. That is, either do not change anything in the tactical device launched and replace the position of the Paris SG striker by the position, or modify your game plan to change to 4-4-2 for example. Or in 4-3-1-2. Except for a big surprise, however, it seems unlikely that Deacon will opt for the second option in the middle of such a competition, especially because in both warm-up games, he never changed tactics. Suffice it to say that his 4-3-3 seems immutable. It remains to be found the perfect replacement for Katoto. On paper, this one is called Ouleymata Sarr. But the Paris FC center-forward does not have the same qualities, the same efficiency or the same affinities with his partners, in particular Diani and Geyoro, both PSG players with Katoto during the year. Not to mention her lack of experience at the international high level, she who has not played in the Champions League for five years. The other solution could be to trust Melvine Malard, Lyon’s most runner-up player but who has scored 17 goals and shown interesting realism in front of goal. Or why not refocus Diani, which would lead to a real game of musical chairs with Cascarino swinging to the right leaving Sandy Baltimore or Malard on the left side. If this was the coach’s choice, maybe it would be good to try it against Iceland …

Iceland and its five mothers

The Icelandic team is competing in the European Championship with five mothers in its ranks, including Sara Björk Gunnarsdottir who gave birth eight months ago, a rarity in an environment that takes time to establish a protective framework for players who want to give birth. Against Italy (1-1) on Thursday, the captain was lined up from the start of midfield with Dagny Brynjarsdottir at his side. Sandra Sigurdardottir kept the goal in mind, Elisa Vidarsdottir was on the right wing and only rival Sif Atladottir was left on the bench. Gunnarsdottir, a former Lyon player who left for Juventus in Turin this summer, is the latest to give birth to a son, Ragnar, born in November 2021.

Forming a family as a professional athlete is difficult. I’m really looking forward to proving that it’s possible to get back from pregnancy and play at the highest level.“He threw the captain and more blows from the Icelanders in early October. The 31-year-old midfielder, a star in Iceland, did not want to choose between his sporting career and his personal life.”I want to show people that I can do both“He says in a documentary by Puma, its sponsor, released in May.”You hear all these voices saying you can’t do it. Sometimes I doubted myself and thought: maybe they are right. But at the same time it motivated me and I said to myself: I will show them“He told Brynjarsdottir on the FIFA website. Being pregnant is no lessa challenge“, Even if only physically, for any high-level athlete. “I’ve always been in good shape, I’ve always controlled my body, how I train and rest, what I eat. Now he is so much more than me“Gunnarsdottir said in an interview with Forbes in November.

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