what to remember from the Deschamps press conference

The Blues coach answered questions from the media on the eve of France-Croatia, the last international match of the season.

Blues Health Report

So, for today’s session (Sunday at the Stade de France), three players will stay inside, Théo Hernandez, Saliba and Diaby. Two will train separately, Benzema and Kamara (recovery), the others, including Kylian, will be present during the small group session. »

Maignan-Lloris turnover

“Yes, I had planned this rotation at the beginning of the course with Hugo and Mike, even if they are goalkeepers, they can rotate. Compared to the recovery, he had started with Hugo in match 1 (Denmark) and match 3 (Austria) and Mike in match 2.e (Croatia twice) and 4e. (about the competition between the two) Stop, do the debates you want, Hugo knows there is competition, but I’ll tell you again if you haven’t heard, so much the better that we have two very good guardians. I will not complain about that, on the contrary. From the moment Hugo maintains his level of performance … But it’s good to give Mike (Maignan) playing time, even if he’s used to the high level with Milan, it’s interesting to have national teams. »

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The direction of Mbappé

“I’m right with Kylian, I have discussions with each player, then I make the decision. Obviously Kylian is not 100%, he was expected to play 30 minutes in Austria. Tomorrow (Monday) is the last game and we want to unite all our strength to beat Croatia and finish this field well, I will not complain, the accumulated fatigue is for all the national teams. “Kanté, Lucas Hernandez), my teammates are also called upon to handle situations. I won’t complain, even if we all complain about having 4 games in 11 days.”

Kylian Mbappé JOE KLAMAR / AFP

Does the great staff overhaul bother you?

“There’s nothing that bothers me, I adapt every time to make sure I don’t risk with players if they’re very tired, or even with some who have problems like today. I want to put the starting eleven in the best It is not a review of the squad, but from one game to another we are forced to change, fatigue is for everyone, we must keep in mind.The positive side is to give playing time, almost all the (Clauss and Areola did not start a meeting in June.) As for the future and the future, it is very good. certain answers. ”

His view of Nkunku-Griezmann profiles

“They are two different profiles. Christopher is more attacking than Antoine who likes to be in construction. At the sporting level they are different. Christopher has the “jump”, he goes deep, Antoine is more into the animation of the game “.

Its changes around the defense of 4 or 3 elements

“I haven’t changed my mind. There are different options. I want to put the 11 in their best places. It’s not said that we only have one system, maybe we should change during the game. With these changes, we are less predictable for the opponent.

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