What to remember about CA Brive’s schedule for next season’s Top 14

As soon as the CAB has savored its maintenance in the Top 14, a new championship is approaching. The NRL on Thursday presented the schedule for next season. It is not necessarily favorable to Corréziens.

The CAB was not heard

Faced with the work done this summer by Brive City Council on the stadium turf, the CAB had asked the National Rugby League to play its first game of the season away. Brive was not heard. The CAB will start at home, on the weekend of September 3, against Lyon.

The champion and his dolphin calm down

After the reception in Lyon, the CAB will make a dangerous trip to the USAP. The sequel is no better. In the process, Brive will host reigning French champions MHR, who had not come very far from winning the bet last season at the Stadium. He will then move on to the runner-up, the CO, before welcoming Bayonne’s promotion.

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Two doubloons facing La Rochelle

If the CAB would not have the opportunity to host the Stade Toulousain for a double, this will be the case at the La Rochelle reception in early November. At the same time, the XV of France will play a test match against Australia for the European champion of La Rochelle to travel to Corrèze without his internationals.

The same weekend, the Pumas and therefore potentially second-line Lucas Paulos and third-line Rodriguo Bruni will face England in a friendly. The return match in La Rochelle on February 25 will still fall on a duplicate, France-Scotland, as part of the VI Nations.There will be doubles for both Brive games against La Rochelle.

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Christmas derby

The thirteenth day of the Top 14, scheduled for the Christmas weekend, will be placed under the sign of the derbies. CAB will host ASM at the Stadium, as they should have done last December before the match was postponed due to Covid in the Auvergne ranks. Please note that after your trip to Corrèze, the ASM will host the Stade Toulousain in the process, which is not necessarily bad news for the CAB.

Only 6 receptions in the return phase

If the CAB receives 77 times in the first leg, it will only play six times in the Stadium on the return leg. Against Toulon, Perpignan, Bordeaux-Bègles, Stade Français, Pau and Castres. Receptions already decisive in the race to maintain.

Three grains to finish

It is not damaged at the beginning of the season, the CAB is not damaged at the end. The last three days of the Top 14, Brive will travel to Montpellier, receive the CO and end the regular phase with a trip to Toulouse. It will be better to have a lot of points before attacking this last straight.

Pascal Goumy

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