what happened to the 1982 World Cup Blues?

After their respective trajectories, Michel Hidalgo’s players took very different paths.

Dominique Baratelli (goalkeeper, 74)
After his career as a professional player, the former goalkeeper of Dominique Baratelli formed the club of Cagnes-sur-Mer, before entering the town hall of the commune of the Alpes-Maritimes as a facilitator within the department of sports. He has been retired since 2010.

Jean Castaneda (goalkeeper, 65)
The former AS Saint-Etienne goalkeeper, who became a coach after his career as a professional player, has been enjoying his retirement alongside Istres for a number of years.

Jean-Luc Ettori (goalkeeper, 66)
Retired to Touraine, the former AS Monaco goalkeeper, delegate of the president of Tours FC between 2013 and 2015, no longer holds any activity in the world of professional football. He runs three establishments -bars and restaurants- in the city center of the prefecture of Indre-et-Loire.

Manuel Amoros (defender, 60)
The former right winger of AS Monaco and Olympique de Marseille has not moved too far away from the world of football. He still works as a consultant, mostly for RMC Sports. In addition, since 2019 he has run a restaurant – the Brasserie de l’Ovalie – in Châteaurenard, in the Bouches-du-Rhône.

Patrick Battiston (defender, 65)
After leading the Girondins de Bordeaux branch, the former defender took over the Marine et Blanc training center during the 2017-2018 season. He was still in charge during the last financial year. His professional situation, however, could change this summer depending on the future of the Bordeaux club.

Maxime Bossis (defender, 67 years old)
Involved for a long time in the world of football, among other things through his consulting activity, the legend of FC Nantes is already retired. He is still active.in events and solidarity“, he revealed to the Sports newspaper last April.

Gérard Janvion (defender, 68 years old)
The former right winger of AS Saint-Etienne has for many years distanced himself from the world of professional football. “Joabandoned high-level sport. We listen to everything and nothing, it bothers me“, he explained to Progress, progress in September 2021. He is now enjoying his retirement in his native Martinique.

Christian López (defender, 69)
The former AS Saint-Etienne central defender has not yet finished playing football. Eighteen years after returning to ES Cannet-Rocheville, he still holds important positions there as he is in charge of sports management. In 2022-2023, the Alpes-Maritimes club will once again evolve into National 3.

Philippe Mahut (defender, dead)
The former FC Metz defender unfortunately died in 2014, at the age of 57, due to a long illness.

Marius Trésor (defender, 72 years old)
The legend of the Girondins of Bordeaux has been retired for two and a half years. Between 1984 and 2020, he held various positions at Marine et Blanc, his favorite club. In February 2020 a vibrant tribute was paid to him during the Bordeaux-Marseille match.

Bernard Genghini (Midfielder, 64)
The midfielder who made the rise of FC Sochaux-Montbéliard has not left the world of football. Since 2015 he has been president of the amateur club AGIIR Florival, based in Issenheim, in the Upper Rhine, which also has a stadium in his name.

Michel Platini (midfielder, 67)
The former UEFA president, sentenced in 2016 to eight years – reduced to six – of exclusion from the world of football, has not yet finished his legal problems. Judged in Switzerland for fraud with former FIFA President Sepp Blatter, he should know his fate in this case this Friday.

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René Girard (midfielder, 68 years old)
The coach who led Montpellier HSC to the title of champion of France in 2011-2012 no longer holds any official role in the world of professional football for just over a year and his departure from Paris FC; club he joined in January 2020.

Alain Giresse (midfielder, 69)
After two and a half years without an official job, the former Girondins midfielder from Bordeaux became Kosovo’s coach last February. At the moment, his record is quite honorable with three wins, a draw to two defeats.

Jean-François Larios (midfielder, 65 years)
Having become an important agent – especially managing the interests of Nicolas Anelka, Thierry Henry or Patrick Vieira – after his career as a professional player, the former Greens midfielder retired a few years ago to rest and take care of his fragile health, as indicated in an interview with the Parisian in 2017.

Jean Tigana (midfielder, 67)
The former Girondins de Bordeaux midfielder has been free since 31 May. Previously, he was football director of Sporting Club Toulon, the club of his professional debut.

Bruno Bellone (striker, 60 years)
Faced with major financial problems after his career as a professional player, the former AS Monaco striker has published his biography The games of my life in 2018. He also launched an app for amateur football: SocialFoot.

Alain Couriol (striker, 63 years old)
At the end of his professional career, the former AS Monaco and Paris Saint-Germain winger, based in Brittany, held various jobs and continued to be active in the world of football coaching amateur clubs. In 2018 he was a security guard, as he had indicated to the Parisian .

Bernard Lacombe (striker, 69 years)
For just over two and a half years, and his departure from Olympique Lyonnais, Bernard Lacombe is enjoying his retirement. He recently published his biography, entitled football instinct.

Dominique Rocheteau (forward, 67 years)
Sports director of AS Saint-Etienne until May 2019, the former striker enjoys his retirement in Charente and organizes football courses in Royan for boys and girls between 7 and 17 years.

Didier Six (forward, 67)
The former striker went through a very important number of clubs remained active in the world of professional football. Until October 2021 he was the national coach of Guinea.

Gérard Soler (attacker, 68 years old)
The former FC Sochaux-Montbéliard striker has not left the world of football. Since July 2018, the date of its creation, he is the president of C’Chartres Football, whose first team plays in Nacional 2.

Michel Hidalgo (coach, dead)
The former coach of the French national team, who led the blues to the European coronation in 1984, sadly died in 2020 at the age of 87.

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