Vincent Milou, silver medalist skater at the X Games: “Everything goes a little faster than before”

“This is your first X Games medal…
I am very happy, especially since I have been quite focused on the event for a week. I knew what I wanted to do. Most of all, I’m glad I got it right in my career, with the tricks I had in mind. There was really a lot of level because the park is quite easy to skate (at CA Training Facility, Vista, CA), the modules are quite small. Everyone skated really well.

tell us
I was first almost all the way. At one point, I was like, “Shit, I’m going to win for sure!” (take a smile). Until Shane (O’Neill, winner) make your career I knew with my career, if Shane, Nyjah (Houston) and Yuto (Horigome, Olympic champion) they were doing their thing, it was going to be very tight. And there was another thing, that at the X Games (organized by the American channel ESPN, specially sponsored by Monster)…they have their favourites. The judgment is pretty clean, but sometimes you ask yourself questions. I didn’t know if my career would be judged for what it was really worth and it was. I was judged well, so that’s good. He had seen Shane, Yuto, and Nyjah skating practice (training sessions). These three had a winning run. So I knew it would be tight.

“I grow, I evolve. I’m safe for now, so skate on. I learn new tricks and feel confident enough to try them in competition. »

You have a string of good results this year: 2nd at Tampa Pro, 4th at Street League, 6th at Worlds in Rome. How do you feel about the competition?
Yes, I feel good. Most of all, I really look forward to skating every day. That’s really what drives me right now. I have found a little more enjoyment in what I do. I give a little more meaning to what I do in general. It makes me want to skate and do new things even more. I think that’s what makes me skate well. And I’m physically fit. I didn’t know for a long time that we would have many contests in a row, so I prepared myself for it physically. I feel good with my skateboard and only me. Right Now. It’s very good.

Have you lost the desire to skate every day?
No, but you have phases. ups and downs Right now, I really want to skate. I don’t quite know how to explain it. These are phases of your life. If you’re good mentally, you want to skate even more. It’s like everyone else at work, when things don’t go so well… In sports, you feel it even more. If in the head, it doesn’t go well, skateboarding, it won’t go well at all.

Do you feel stronger than last summer (4th at the Olympics)?
Not really. 4th at the Olympics, shows it was good! But I believe, I evolve. I’m safe for now, so skate on. I learn new tricks and feel confident enough to try them in competition. So great.

Since last summer and the Olympics, what has changed in your life as a skater?
I’ve been asked a lot, I’m constantly traveling. It’s a bit hard to ask. For now, I left my room in California while I wait to see what happens (lives between the Landes and California). I have the impression that everything is going a little faster than before. I have more and more towers with marks (in particular for sprouts), there are many competitions this year. There is the Street League (the most prestigious street circuit in the world) and Olympic qualifying competitions. Plus the X Games and the Dew Tour.

Do you always manage to have your balance between competitions and street (street skating and shooting)?
Yes, completely. That’s what’s cool about this year: it’s more intense because the competitions follow each other so, before the summer, I’ve prepared a lot for it, I’ve shot a lot. I have three videos (a compilation of his best tricks) which will be released this year. And I have all of September and early October free to film. Only street for a month and a half. It’s great, not too bad. I divide the year into several stages. »

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