Video games. Test F1 2022, full of news … but the fun is over!

It’s here and you’ve been able to get it for a few hours, the official Formula 1 game is available for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series! In addition, we offer a quick test of this work, which provides its share of news, while offering a revised and corrected gameplay, due to the new regulations in force this season. So here is our verdict on F1 2022, tested on a Playstation 5 console.

The F1 2022 tries its hand with GT … they end up in the bac!

With F1 2022, can’t we say that Codemasters has skimped on new features, perhaps under the impetus of its new boss, Electronic Arts? Either way, the software is enriched with new vehicles, GT in this case, that can be driven in dedicated challenges; but never in real multiplayer races. In addition to these cars, the official safety cars (Aston Martin and Mercedes) are also on the program and can be played. So, we kill the suspense right away because, if these add-ons allow you to extend the life of the software (the challenges are sometimes interesting, but not always), driving these GTs quickly becomes boring. Because not very clear (very typical of arcade) and without too much flavor. Even the sounds of the engines – which seem a bit soft – are not enough to captivate. However, the pleasure of picking them up in your garage remains …

F1 2022 GT

F1 Life: beautiful showcase, but without good will!

Which brings us to the second big novelty of F1 2022, the “F1 Life” mode. Here the “fashion” spirit predominates as you have the possibility of shaping a small apartment (showroom) by choosing paintings, furniture, decoration, etc. But also, to purchase branded clothing and to review repetitions or to consult various information about F1. Unfortunately, the interest of the latter is very limited, so you will quickly lose interest in it, past the attraction of novelty …

Porpoising: Codemasters solved the problem … before Mercedes!

For the rest, there are some new features in terms of gameplay, especially pre-grid and pits, while recent changes to the circuits or even speed racing have been integrated into the software. However, we deeply regret the lack of restitution of the great challenge of this 2022 Formula 1 season, the porpoise. Phenomenon – it appeared last February, during the winter tests – that was not expected by the own equipment, is certain and that probably the developers of Codemasters did not have time to represent, controller in hand. Too bad but …

F1 2022 alpine

Many absences, quite deplorable

As for next-generation single-seater driving, it’s not unpleasant even if it requires some adjustment time. With a slight feeling of floating, a little disconcerting but to which you get used. But it helps revive the interest of the game and the overall challenge, when you start a season or a career. On the other hand, we deeply regret the absence of script mode, which had made the software so different, so intense, last year. For once, we feel the impact of the new editor, who seems to favor “appearances” above content. And what about the demise of the interview system, which had an impact on the development of the car, the degree of popularity and morale of the team? Yes, for the first time in years, we are disappointed by the official license of Formula 1 … Especially because the players can not even console themselves with the historical free, simply absent in this work.

Fortunately, it is still the playable mode alone or in pairs (locally, it’s great!) With its many possibilities in terms of development, challenge and management. An asset of the past that remains one today, especially compared to other racing games available on the market. Appreciable also, the online game, with events related to the current Formula 1 season.

F1 2022 haas

Graphically, there is not much new in F1 2022

On the technical side, frankly, the transition to the new generation of consoles is not felt very little. Few news, visual improvements, something that makes us say that this work of 2022 is, in short, just an evolution, amputated of important elements that had contributed to the success of the past.

F1 2022: the big disappointment!

In conclusion, F1 2022 disappointed us a lot. We were afraid of the takeover of Codemasters by Electronic Arts and those fears were legitimate. The result is a bite-free, dynamic game that seems to play more on the appearance card while fans waited for immersive content. No script mode, few upgrades and improvements (and many things removed), boring GTs to drive, an (almost) uninteresting “F1 Life”, hard to sell, this F1 2022. Knowing that historic cars, too, they have been forgotten. Obviously, we have the impression that the publisher preferred to play the safety card by betting everything on the new regulations and the different pilotages that derive from them. But unfortunately, in our opinion, this is not enough. So to choose, we rather advise you to stay in F1 2021, which remains the benchmark according to us. In good terms …

Overall rating: 12/20

We liked:

  • Challenges in GT / Safety-car
  • Visually still very beautiful
  • Driving the 2022 car
  • The online game
  • The race for two, locally

We hated:

  • No historic cars
  • Disappearance of interviews and their impact on a team
  • There is no mode for a scripted player
  • F1 Life, good idea on paper but far from complete
  • Lack of attractive content

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Article published on 04/07/2022 at 9:39 h

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