USON Nevers have completed their recruitment: squad update ahead of the restart

One last piece of the puzzle assembled by USON Nevers for the upcoming season was missing. Lasha Jaiani, the 24-year-old Georgian second line international, came to fill that void. After spending part of his schooling and rugby training in England, Jaiani wore the colors of the Black Lion, a province of Georgia that plays in a European championship of emerging countries. Above all, he started in Georgia’s victory over Italy (28-19, Sunday, July 10) with eighty minutes played.

Work to solve the conquest with the new one

Massive and aggressive player, he should bring physical density to USON’s second line, after the departure of Thomas Ceyte to Bayonne (Top 14). He will compete with Senio Toleafoa, who returned to the USON last season, and Maka Polutele, a third line capable of entering the cage. The second line is part of the rebuilding positions and the two recruits in this sector, Jaiani and former Carcassonnais Christiaan Van Der Merwe should play an important role there. The strong point and key of the USON, whether offensive or defensive, is brought to evolve with the integration of these two elements.

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With six debutants in the front five, USON forwards coach Sébastien Fouassier will have to find solutions to get everyone up to speed. Within the scrum, it is at the level of the right axis that there are more changes. On the left, Kamaliele Tufele has come to complete an already very competitive position between the pillars.

The hierarchy must be built to the right. Farai Mudariki, the most used right prop last season, is injured and will not play again in 2022. His medical joker, Ilia Kaikatsishvili, who had the advantage of having already played for Nevers, is also out for at least two months. Aselo Ikahehegi showed great potential last season but couldn’t string games together. Cleopas Kundiona, dominant at Nacional with Chambéry, will have to get used to the Pro D2 level, especially in a closed scrum.

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Medical joker Falatea of ​​the medical joker

Tapu Falatea (34), Agenais last season, was tested during the training week in Chambon-sur-Lignon. USON just announced their signing, pending Kaikatsishvili’s return.

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In the end, the USON squad found a season comparable to that of the summer of 2021, which had seen the departure of three mainstays, Nemo Roelofse, David Lolohea and Guram Papidze. The Nivernais building had quickly found efficiency in the conquest, both in the body and in the contact.

Guillaume Clerc

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