USON Nevers at Aurillac in a warm-up game: in a championship tune

Five weeks after returning to training, which gave way to practices in Chambon-sur-Lignon and an action against LOU (Top 14), USON Nevers is preparing to recover the taste for competition, in Cantal, on the occasion of a first preparation. match, to another resident of Pro D2, the Aurillacois Stadium.

“We worked well”, said Xavier Péméja, manager of the USON, at the end of a reduced session, last night, due to the high temperatures. “The preparation was tighter than usual, but we are coming out of an interesting camp, sportingly and humanly, marked by this very reasoned opposition with the LOU. This allowed players to see something else. »

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The USON is dedicated to a surplus of concrete. “Of course, the impatience is there…” continues Xavier Péméja. “We train to play and the joy of playing. This is an opportunity to position yourself” with a group that deals with the vagaries of absences (Sénéca, Kitutu, Elia Elia, Mudariki, Ikahehegi, Kaikatsishvili, Van Der Merwe, Bastide, Adendorff, Silago, Paris, Charlat…) .

“This is a first test. We have set ourselves a goal of victory. We go to Aurillac with ambition and desire to leave this meeting with an idea about our game, he will find his training club. “Yes, there I started with 8 years until the first year at Espoirs”, remembers the former Béziers (Pro D2) full-back. “I still have my family and friends there. I also know the coaches. Not much has changed since I left. »

A champion of France loaned to Aurillac

If the squad has been reshaped in Nevers, this is not really the case at the Stade Aurillacois. And for good reason… The Cantal club intends to build on their hopes, champions of France last June at the expense of the emblematic Stade Tolousain. Fourteen were invited to join the professional group. That explains the sole signing of Irish third-row Eoghan Masterson (Connacht) and the loans of right-back Henzo Kiteau (Clermont) and South African left-back Robbie Rodgers, a French Top 14 champion with Montpellier (he came in in play during the final against Castres). .

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Against this backdrop, Stade Aurillacois, who held on to finish in 10th place, reduced the number of professional players from 45 to 34 in order to reduce their payroll, but aim to remain ambitious. Its president has set himself the goal of qualifying for the final (among the top six).

“Aurillac is one of those big teams that know the memory level”, concludes Xavier Péméja. “It is always difficult to play and beat Aurillac. “Even in a friendly.

The echoes of the meeting

friendly Aurillac has already made a friendly start, won 24-14 against Massy, ​​again in Pro D2, thanks to four tries from Bouyssou, Tison, Coertzen and Gogoladze. After the reception in Nevers, the Cantal team will travel to Millau (Aveyron) on Friday, August 12, for an opposition against Stade Montois, which failed in its quest for access to the Top 14. The following day, Saturday August 13 (4 p.m.), Nevers will travel to Dinan (Côtes-d’Armor), to face Vannes (Pro D2). A party relocated due to work within the Vannes site.

band Nevers makes the trip to Aurillac with 31 players. The Argentinian mainstay Joaquim Blangetti and South African second line Gareth Graham, two 20-year-old boys from Espoirs, are included. Second line Georgian international Lasha Jaiani, whose signing was made official by USON this week, will arrive today.

Falatea Tested in Nevers to compensate for the injury of the Georgian right pillar Ilia Kaikatsishvili, himself a medical joker of the Zimbabwean Farai Mudariki, the future of the experienced Tapu Falatea (ex-Agen, Castres, Narbonne, Colomiers) is not sealed. “We have not made any decision”, explains Xavier Péméja.

1-1 Nevers remains in a loss (with the defensive bonus) against Jean-Alric. It was in the league last April (27-23). In the first leg, in November 2021, the Neversois won 37-3 at Pré-Fleuri.

Friday, August 5 (7 p.m.)

AURILLAC (Jean-Alric stadium). Aurillacois Stadium (Pro D2)-USON Nevers (Pro D2).
Nevers: Mataradze, Tufele, Hamel, Beaudaux, Kundiona, Blangetti, Barjaud, Graham, Toleafoa, Fraser, Kazubek, David, Plataret, Rorke, Noah, Polutele (forwards), Manevy, Cottin, Barbier, Ménoret, Derrieux, Loaloa, Vaitulukina , Ambadiang, White, Erasmus, Dylan Jaminet, Mayo, Kyllian Jaminet, Dumas, Zénon (back).

Yannick Borde

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