USAP: A Vilaceca-Marty duo on the bench of the professional team next season?

USAP, which secured its place in the Top 14 on June 12, 2022 by winning the access match to Mont-de-Marsan (16-41), will strengthen its staff. The arrival of USAP Espoirs striker Guillaume Vilaceca is becoming increasingly clear. Patrick Arlettaz would become manager.

On the evening of the access match, Sunday, June 12, 2022, Patrick Arlettaz had made the rumor. His statements to public institutions about the precariousness of the training conditions, had not ceased to occupy the media space for a few days with a ping-pong match between the new and the old municipality. But the USAP coach did not say so. He also spoke about the future and a squad that should be strengthened for next season, saying word for word: “The staff needs to change a little bit.”

Contacted on Monday, June 20, 2022 in the afternoon, the Director General of the USAP, Bruno Rolland, said that no official communication “will not intervene on this issue until Wednesday, June 29, 2022”, at 10 am at the Aime-Giral Stadium. However, it seems that there are already some leaks about the future of staff organization, but for Bruno Rolland, “There is no emergency. Patrick (Arlettaz) is on holiday this week. We are looking forward to his return but I confirm that the president, Patrick and I are working to structure and improve the skills of our staff for next season.”

The trend according to RMC Sport? Arlettaz becomes manager, Vilaceca rises one degree, Chouly is not on the staff

A few weeks ago, at the beginning of May, a rumor circulated in the Aimé-Giral sections: Guillaume Vilaceca (38 years old) should take the lead at the end of the season, letting go of the Hopes he has been training. for four seasons and reformed with David Marty a couple of coaches in the pros.

On Monday, June 20, 2022, according to the sports portal BFM-RMC, the USAP is effectively working on reorganizing its management, but above all, the rumor of spring has taken hold. The news agency says that Vilacéca, the forward coach of the Espoirs semifinalist this season, is raising his level. What we can say, however, is that the USAP association is looking for a new striker coach …

Head coach Patrick Arlettaz moves away (a bit) from the field to put on the coach’s cloak, as Christian Lanta had once occupied, retired from the field but still close to President Rivière, and a member of the USAP Board. of Directors.
As for the future of DamienChouly, still according to BFM-RMC Sport, it seems that the young retiree (36 years old), who wants to enjoy his family more, will not bring his tactile experience to the Catalan staff at the beginning of the season. school year .. But also there, radio silence next to Aimé-Giral. USAP will not say anything until June 29.

Rolland: “Larde? He belongs
studio profiles »

If the squad wants to build muscle, in the effective part, reinforcement announcements could intervene “at the end of the week and at the beginning of the next”, according to Bruno Rolland. Three players are expected: “Two forwards and a 3/4”, concedes the director of the USAP who, by connecting the decoder, could give the following profiles: a straight pillar, a second line (Samoan Samuel Slade is tracked according to the Midi Olympique) and a side or center. A name for Dorian Laborde (25), 3/4 versatile, has been dropped in recent days for this rear position.

Made available to RC Toulon this season by Racing 92, Laborde, who had come to La Rade to play for a while, wants to give a new impetus to his career with a new sports project. “It’s one of the profiles under study”admits Bruno Rolland, whose accuracy must be taken into account: “With the advantage of being a JIFF (French-educated young people) ”.

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