Urios justifies his blunt method of shaking UBB players

The Girondins coach has returned to the reasons that led him to harshly criticize his players before the start of the final phase. It worked against Racing in the playoffs. And against Montpellier on Saturday at halftime?

Special envoy to Nice

It gives a big kick to the anthill to cause an electroshock. After the defeat in Perpignan (22-15) that had deprived the UBB of a direct classification in the semifinals, the coach of Bordeaux shook the coconut palm of his team making harsh statements to his players, in particular to his internationals Matthieu Jalibert. and Cameron Woki.

Players have to question and move on. It’s a bit like what I tried to do after the Perpignan match, he admitted. Because since February-March, once yes, once no, once very well, once a little less. But it was still regularly a little worse. So there had to be that tension in our preparation.»

Tension was then felt between the technician and his troops. And, before challenging Montpellier in the semifinals of the Top 14, Urios wanted to clarify his intentions. “What I did after the Usap game was just make sure to cause a storm to wake the boys. It went pretty well against Racing (36-16 play-off victory). Now we have Montpellier, we’ll see how it goes.»

“It simply came to our notice then. It can’t last six months, but I think it can last three games … “

Cristòfor Urios

And to describe, however, the crisis that would have affected his club: “The tensions you describe are the tensions of a team that plays the final phase, that wants to win a quarter-final, that wants to win its semifinal now and that wants to be champion.“The coach who had revealed himself at Oyonnax”notes, since last week, that there is this palpable tension that makes players fight for something, to write the history of the club. There is a rebellion. It may not last six months, but I think it can last three games“.

The former player from Castres also explained that during his last season at the Tarn (2018-2019) he forgot to shake the players of the CO, outgoing French champions, who later lost the classification for the final phase. And the old demons resurfaced after the defeat in Catalonia.

I am still very marked by the story that happened to me at the Castres last season. Last month, when we had a boulevard in front of us to qualify – and I think if we had qualified we would have been very dangerous – we didn’t know how to do it right. It was precisely my sorrow not to have raised a storm. I didn’t make the boys react. It’s been three months since this week in Castres has come to my mind. The closer we got to the end, the more it echoed in my mind.»

No remorse

It remains to be seen whether this great diatribe will galvanize or inhibit its players. It was feared that this would cut him off from his troops. But he does not regret anything:I was not afraid for the simple and good reason that it was my heart that spoke, that is what I felt and that it was important to say it.For his second consecutive semifinal in the Top 14, the Girondins coach intends to go to the Stade de France this time. Stop using the strong method.

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