Urdapilleta makes the difference, Ramos trembles

The impressive end of Urdapilleta’s game, Staniforth’s power but also the faults against Ramos ‘sticks: finding our tops and flops after Castres’ victory over Toulouse (24-18).


Benjamin Urdapilleta, a brilliant ending

Benjamin Urdapilleta was the replacement. He’s not always very fair in his kicking game, but he’s seriously increased his power. His second period was simply gigantic. He was the first to find the 50/22 ultra-decision in the 76th minute. . To this must be added one against the sticks almost impeccable (4/5). The Argentine was the great of the evening by the Castres and, therefore, and therefore of the classification of his team for the final of the Top 14 (24-18).

Filipo Nakosi comes out of the box

The Fijian winger acted in disagreement with his Argentine midfielder. He first illustrated extensively in the first period by multiplying the overflows while regularly attacking the opposing ball carrier. With his 85 meters won (third best total of the match), it was a real poison for the defense of Toulouse before disappearing slightly in the second half. A bit of lethargy from which came out at the best of times. His passing after the contact with Dumora in the last moments allows Castres to validate his ticket for the final next Friday.

Tom Staniforth, that engine

Great game from the Australian second line. Stunning on the rucks, Tom Staniforth made his Toulouse counterparts go through hell throughout the match. Throughout the game, he added 25 yards, which is five times more than the Arnold brothers put together! If he sometimes missed a few tackles, his kill on the ground and his power with the ball in his hand were such valuable assets for Pierre-Henry Broncan’s men.

Romain Ntamack will have tried everything

Romain Ntamack tried everything, he did everything, especially in the second half, when his magnificent try scored in the 47th minute allowed Toulouse to go back to a small point. He brought danger constantly in attack, completing 100% of his 10 passes and gaining a total of 92 yards. A successful performance without reward. He was also the first to be placed in the locker room at the final whistle. Proof of a frustration as palpable as it is understandable.


Thomas Ramos, inaccurate at worst

The Toulouse left gradually disappeared in this semifinal. First in the leg and skilled in both play and foot, Thomas Ramos did not experience the same glow when he returned from the locker room. He even misses two very important attempts against the sticks. The first after the trial of Romain Ntamack (47th) and the second in the penalty spot in the 73rd minute that would have allowed the statesmen to regain the lead at the best of times. Two flaws that are very valuable when it comes to making accounts.

Juan Cruz Mallia, too invisible

The Argentine winger struggled to shine on Friday. Offensively first where Juan Cruz Mallia was never able to create a dangerous situation. It is no coincidence that the Toulouse team tended to lean to the left, to the side covered by Matthis Lebel. Defensively, he has not always been right in his innings and is overwhelmed by the rehearsal of Julien Dumora at the end of the game.

A questionable arbitration

If there is not much to reproach the arbitral tribunal in the second act, it is difficult to say the same of the first. The away team’s Rory Arnold was shown a yellow card after 80 minutes for slicing down an opponent. Then Mr. Cayre decides to close his eyes in front of another tall tackle, this time signed by Charles Fauminua. Finally, Geoffrey Palis did not have a good day today, often losing his footing on the muddy pitch. In slow motion, this judgment seems very questionable.

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