Toulouse: Guy Novès explains how his players were going to recover after the matches at the Calicéo

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The then emblematic coach of the Toulouse stadium, Guy Novès recalls the period of collaboration between Calicéo and the rugby club on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the balneotherapy center.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Calicéo balneotherapy center, located in L’Unió, several sports personalities came to inaugurate this festive week. Among them, players from the Stade Toulousain who came to present their newly acquired shield, Vanessa Morales, holder of the women’s record for ascent and descent of Kilimanjaro, or Guy Novès, emblematic coach of the “reds and blacks”. Everyone has attended this water fitness area in order to be successful. The former general manager of the Stade Toulousain remembers the many Sundays spent in these baths.

What interest do the best athletes have in coming to these baths?

Faced with the pace of the matches, we quickly looked for means of physical recovery. Under the advice of the club’s physiotherapists, we came to Calicéo to take advantage of the hot baths, saunas and hammams. Our visit has become almost weekly over time since we come on Sunday mornings, the day after the matches. It was not just about physical recovery, but also about mental recovery. I wouldn’t say that these Sunday meetings have allowed us to be champions on several occasions, but every detail counts and this is one of them.

What memories do you have?

Very good memories. At first, few players wanted to come, they did not understand the meaning of recovering in the bathroom other than in bed. It took a little rigor. I remember seeing Frédéric Michalak or Nicolas Jeanjean in the parking lot, the marked features of their possible night outs the day before.

What do you think of the Stade Tolousain season?

It’s a shame we stopped here but we must not forget that there are still two semifinals left and that’s nothing. We’ve seen a little less of the players we’re used to seeing, but it’s the end of the season, everyone is tired and needs a vacation. This season reminds me of the 1997-1998 season where we also lost the two semifinals after winning 4 consecutive French titles and one European title. This is an opportunity to breathe, to start again. The proof is that we won the Brennus shield the following year.

What are you doing today ?

I take advantage of my family and do some interventions in various companies. I make analogies between the sports environment and the entrepreneurial environment. I am also participating for the second time in a children’s rugby camp in Pibrac. It reminds me of certain things from the past, especially when I was a gym teacher and I like that.

A festive week

Opened in 2002, the Calicéo Aquatic Center, in the north-east of Toulouse, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Many wellness activities will be offered. The evenings of Friday 24 June and Saturday 25 June will be marked by the exceptional opening of the center until 11 pm, as well as the presence of a DJ.
As a symbol, this ephemeris is accompanied by a transfer of power in the direction of the center. Damien Lozeille, a former lifeguard, then director of the Calicéo de Pau, is in charge. It wants to perpetuate the already established sports associations, such as Toulouse Olympique XIII, the Fenix ​​handball team, the Stade Tolousain women’s team and the Espaciador volleyball team. Damien Lozeille explains: “We have very common values ​​in high-level sport, in particular rigor. »

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