Top 14 – USAP-Toulon: Alan Brazo, 100 mandates and a mountain of memories

Saturday 24 September (3.00 pm) against Toulon, Alan Brazo (30 years old, 1.92 m, 105 kg) will make his 100th appearance in the Catalan shirt. With his number 6 on his back, the original Breton is now one of the great players in the USA team.

His first term

August 2014. Three months after the historic relegation to Pro D2, USAP rebuilds and relies on the youth of the training center. Includes Alan Brazo. Aged just 22, the third line saw its first tenure against Massy (42-21 win). Alongside his current coaches Guillaume Vilaceca and David Marty. “It was a week after my first game. So it was still very fresh. It was a few years ago now, it’s starting to go far.smiles the native of Ploërmel (Morbihan). It is definitely a very good memory. I was told that I was going to do the preparation with the professionals, so I was already very happy. And when they told me on the first day that I was a substitute (against Colomiers, ND), and who was part of the group, was full of enthusiasm and wanted to taste it. At the time, I didn’t realize the situation the club was in, and there was a very revamped squad with around 20 new players. There was a new dynamic.”

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His first attempt

In 148 games for USAP, Alan Brazo scored 11 tries. The first was against Dax, in April 2015. The season of his debut. “I vaguely remember! It’s Mathieu Belie (2014-2017 USAP opener, editor’s note) who passes me, on the sidelines. He was all done, he just had to run.” He will still accelerate the second row Grégory Bernard and winger Jean-Matthieu Alcalde to conclude his first test with the professionals. With, after all, an improved success 37 to 8 and a safe second place in the ranking.

His first captaincy

In mid-autumn 2017, Alan Brazo returned from a serious ankle injury that occurred in the furnace of Colomiers. USAP moves to the turf of Soyaux-Angoulême with a completely changed team, a week after receiving their biggest defeat at home in Pro D2 against Mont-de-Marsan (20-44). Nicolas Lemaire, Quentin Walcker, Alban Roussel, Frédéric Gendre, Samuel Faconnier, Pierre Lucas, Paul Marty… Just as many young people who needed to be supervised. It was the role, that day, of Alan Brazo. First time with USAP. “We had sent a slightly reformed team with a lot of young people. And the squad had asked me to be captain. I had done it, and I did it a few times in European Cup games or away. It’s often with young people . ., guys who don’t play a lot. I like those kinds of games where you have nothing to lose and you have to show yourself.” Today, Alan Brazo is one of the leaders of the group, with a key importance in the touch sector.

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His favorite essay

When we talk about Alan Brazo, two essays inevitably come to mind. Their achievement in the semi-final of Pro D2, in 2018, at Aimé-Giral against Mont-de-Marsan (28-8), or against Clermont, last season, at the last minute, to offer successes to Catalans (26-24). Your favorite? “The semi-final, it’s still something that marked meremember It was essential. Although others were also important. But this one was special. Also, on the contrary, it’s something I like. And the atmosphere around him… It also helped unlock the game.” On fire that season, Alan Brazo had arguably the best season of his career.

His best memory

inevitably, “the final in Toulouse”. In 2018, the USAP has, really for the first time, a real chance to make it to the Top 14. At the Ernest-Wallon stadium, in front of 18,700 spectators, including more than 15,000 Catalans, they beat Grenoble with blood and gold in the second. -time (38-13) and offered themselves a first Pro D2 French Champions title. “The atmosphere in the stands was fantastic.remembers Brazo. It was my first final. I had never had the chance to make a final, not even as a youngster. The previous week had been very special. And even the game itself. It was really remarkable.”

He’s 100e against Toulon

On Saturday (3:00 p.m.), Alan Brazo will therefore begin his 100e match with the Catalan shirt. In the midst of its 120th anniversary, the wink is even more beautiful. But the athlete will obviously be the most important. “We have no choice anymore. Our backs are against the wall. We have lost these first three games even though some of them were very accessible. There is no choice. We must win imperatively.” To know a 100e happy…

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