Top 14: the two former USAP players, Guilhem Guirado and Enzo Forletta (Montpellier), trust after the title of champions of France

After a week of partying in Montpellier, Barcelona, ​​and Platja d’Aro for the bravest, the two Catalans, champions of France with the MHR, beat Castres (29-10) on June 24 at the Stade de France, Guilhem Guirado. and Enzo Forletta, did the honor of landing for an hour at the headquarters of L’Indépendant for a relaxed interview.

Is there a question that burns your lips: “Guilhem, with experience, did you manage to send Enzo to Barcelona to sleep”?

Guilhem Guirado: Let’s just say I saved a lot of videos. But what is certain is that we will keep very good memories of this week which was amazing in every sense of the word. Our manager (Philippe Saint-André, editor’s note) he had made a speech that we had to put on the roof for a week, he had not measured his words, we respected them to the letter (River). It’s a great adventure that ends in the best way with memories and stars in your eyes. This is what rugby got me, this is and this is what I will remember. I feel calm and free to leave rugby and embrace a new career.

Enzo Forletta: I will not answer. All I can say is that Guilhem impressed me. He is very concerned about the whole group. He organized everything, took care of everything, managing everyone’s wishes and at the same time partying.

Guilhem, what will be your new career?

GOOD GAME: It’s already been two months of celebrations because we’re invited all over the department, and it’s a pleasure to be back home. I moved back to the Catalan Country with my two children Maylis and Liam and my wife Johanna, who runs a childcare shop, Atelier de Mayliam. For me, after rugby, he will train me to be an Axa insurance agent at the CLV company near the Balearic roundabout. It is a new challenge that I face and I face it with great enthusiasm and apprehension to see if I will be able to face new challenges after a full and rich career of more than twenty years.

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Closer to Aimé-Giral? It’s not what I’m considering at the moment, but I don’t want to be definitive

Why do you start working so fast?

GOOD GAME: I need to master and control everything in my life, I was presented with an opportunity, I didn’t want to play and wait for a proposal or be at the mercy of a new challenge. Or gravitating through rugby and not knowing what to do. I want to learn new things and enjoy my loved ones, with my family and friends that I haven’t seen in over eight years. And seeing these people again is what I miss the most. Nothing better than going abroad to realize how lucky you are to live in a magnificent apartment.

So, are you moving away from rugby or will you be a consultant?

GOOD GAME: I will call Enzo every week to see if he has any scrum problems (laughs). I take a step back, I need to dedicate myself to my family and to this new job that awaits me. But indirectly I will still be tied to rugby, I like it too much.

EF: Canal will call him to join them if it hasn’t been done yet.

GOOD GAME: I have been asked but I want to cut. We’ll see later, I don’t close the door. Knowing that there will be the 2023 World Cup in France and what I want most is for Enzo to be part of it.

Enzo, is the 2023 World Cup a goal? Any news on Fabien Galthié?

EF: Without news, my selection (in Australia, July 2021, editor’s note) was a bit of a surprise. After that, I don’t bother with that. I don’t think I’m in the small roles but if you need me, it’s with pleasure.

What are your goals for next season?

EF: A complicated year, they will be waiting for us everywhere as current champions. My dream was to lift the Brennus, that’s it. Now if I manage to win the European Cup it would be monstrous.

Guilhem, can we ever imagine seeing you closer to Aimé-Giral?

More in the stands at the moment. That’s not what I’m considering right now. But I don’t want to be definitive. In fact, there are many former players in charge with David (Marty), Guillaume (Vilacéca), Pédro (Perez). David is surprising, he was the most skilled in training and seeing that this position transforms him is exceptional and also for Guillaume. I remember, he came from Villargeil to the USAP, to do some freelance during the World Cup and in the end the adventure lasted more than 10 years. USAP has a well-equipped staff and what I want is for them not to finish 13th, but 12th next year.

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We must not put additional pressure on them for France 2023

Enzo, how do you feel about the homogeneity of the Top 14?

EF: In some blocks, the coaches prepare us as if they were the final stretches, to get the important points. There is no more home and out. Everyone wants to grab points everywhere. You can never relax. Even against the descent, it doesn’t get stuck.

GOOD GAME: For example, at home, against Biarritz in the middle, we are behind, we had to work hard to get out.

The MHR is the first club to have a referee, has this played a role in your success?

GOOD GAME: Last year we were throwing between 20 and 25 penalties per game. It made me hysterical and in fact it’s an approach to have. Alex (Ruiz) brought us that rigor. In addition, he is detached from the coaches. From their first interventions, the players joined but there are always ten penalties per game but we try to be perceived differently by the refereeing. After paving the way, we will still have to think about which referees are left. Poite in Toulon, Cardona in Bordeaux and Garcès with the French team, should not be deprived of refereeing. If each club takes one, it will get complicated.

What do you think about the new generation of blues?

GOOD GAME: I was lucky enough to see a few come out. I’m thrilled to see them do a Grand Slam, which I would have dreamed of doing. The results are in his favor, the first day of Test makes me think that few teams could beat them. But we must not put additional pressure on them for France 2023. Although thanks to our institutions we have been able to continue during the pandemic, which puts us ahead of others. Our four teams continued to play each other while New Zealand, Australia and South Africa stopped.

Can we say that Antoine Dupont changes everything in this team?

GOOD GAME: Surely he is an exceptional player. But you have to see all the players around. Romain (Ntamack, editor’s note) also brings his stone to the building. And there’s a hard core that gravitates around it and allows it to make lightning.

Were you surprised by Melvyn Jaminet’s outburst?

EF: I have a memory of him, going to training, he had his head down because he had lost a friendly at the start of the season against Bayonne. He thought he had missed his chance. And the next year I leave and I see him play monstrous matches with the USAP. In fact, I didn’t expect him to get to that level so fast. In addition, we are touring Australia at the same time. Fabien Galthié did everything to be successful and knew how to take advantage of his opportunity and since then he has been successful in all his outings at Blau. Now he will change clubs, have a period of adaptation and a great competition with a Ramos who in my opinion is an underrated player in the media.

GOOD GAME: Yes, he also went through the Pro-D2, on loan to Colomiers. This championship allows you to dig up talent and give confidence to the players who are between the illusions and the first. It would be interesting to see the number of internationals who have been there.

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The interview between Guilhem Guirado and Enzo Forletta.
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