Top 14 Season 2022-2023: A “capital” opening for ASM Clermont

Jono Gibbes’ team will have little room for error to start the season. Like in 2021-2022. A false start, a laborious start to the exercise could have unfortunate consequences. The menu of the first six weeks of competition suggests quite thick clashes: Paris, Pau, Toulon, La Rochelle, Lyon and Toulouse.

It may not be “just heavy”, but this first act of the championship seems to us to be well equipped with traps. From their last exercise and a failed start (two failures at the start), the Clermontois will therefore have an interest in being prepared and competitive at the beginning of the season.

Top 14: Discover the ASM Clermont and CA Brive calendars for the 2022-2023 season

A year ago, ASM opened at Gerland Stadium. This time, it is in Paris where he will start his season (September 3), with most likely, already, the need to hit the spirits, to also recover the points, which was a recurring problem last season abroad.

Day 1 meeting with Morgan Parra

A look at the destination, the Clermontois will find their former partner, the iconic Morgan Parra, from day one. In the opposite direction, Loïc Godener (new recruit from Clermont at number 8) will also face his former club.

Always compared to the last Top 14, the ASM should not miss the follow-up (September 10) and the reception of the Paloise Section, a team accustomed to the soft belly, but of which it is not forbidden to think that ‘now has some arguments to take a step forward.

The derby against Brive during the Christmas holidays

The next ? Between September 17 and October 8, in four weeks, the Clermontois will travel to Toulon and Toulouse de Languedoc with, in the middle, two consecutive receptions, La Rochelle and LOU: whether they are the winners of the Cup of Champions and the two-month European Challenge. does.

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ASM Clermont, queen of the JIFF in the Top 14

In this sequence with multiple traps, we can highlight other first individual meetings of the season, in particular that of the old Toulonnais and today Clermontois, Anthony Belleau and Julien Hériteau during the second trip, on September 17 at the Mayol Stadium. The following week, it is Jules Plisson, recruited at the opening by the ASM who could cross swords with his old La Rochelle colors.

The National Rugby League has also confirmed that the traditional Boxing Day will be placed under the sign of meetings between neighbors. Currently scheduled for Saturday, December 24, this 13th, the ASM will make the short trip to Brive.

Great matches during the doubles

The most anticipated match schedule for fans of both clubs is a copy and paste of last season (December 26), except that Covid had been fatal for this Christmas derby; the match had finally taken place on 12 February. And still as in 2021-2022, the ASM will continue with the reception of the Stade Tolousain, another event still very popular among the Michelin public. A beautiful poster for New Year’s Eve …

XV of France: Penaud continues for the second test against Japan, only a change in the XV holder of the Blues

Finally, another important point on the calendar, the oppositions during the duplicates (true and false) with the parties of the XV of France. In November, the ASM will host Bayonne. During the Tournament, in the months of February and March, it will be necessary to ensure great receptions, in front of Castres and Toulon as well as two trips to Montpellier and Bordeaux.

Christophe Buron

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