Top 14 – Saga UBB: Modified recipe, better vintage expected

After the crisis at the end of last season, the Bordelo-Béglais explained themselves at the beginning of their preparation. According to the players, Christophe Urios has even turned around the way he manages the group. In the coming months, the Girondins will have more responsibility.

Let’s take the same thing and start again. Or almost Since the arrival of Christophe Urios in 2019, the Bordeaux-Bègles Union has changed in size. Today, the Girondin club has become a recurring member of the French top 4. Without managing to fill his trophy cabinet. “We’re moving forward, we’re growing, but we’re still not a champion club”assures Urios with his characteristic speech.

This was confirmed at the end of last season when, embroiled in the tensions between the coach and the players arising from a defeat against Usap, the team found itself in the middle of a crisis, unable to overcome it. From umpteenth punches from Urios to spicy statements from Matthieu Jalibert, passing through a provocative celebration from Cameron Woki in the play-off, the club has been through all states. The sporting head of Bordeaux, of course “do…”, and finally, their players conceded against Montpellier their fourth failure in the semifinals of the last two years, in all competitions.
So, during the five weeks of vacation that followed an exhausting season, this umpteenth disappointment matured the idea of ​​a new way of working. Without changing the entire recipe, without disturbing either the staff or the management, Bordeaux wants to change. Clearly, Urios does not want (or no longer) “participating hens”, But “pigs who get involved”: “I rethought the way I work with my staff. I’m going to try to develop that responsibility, that is, recognizing that the ball is in your court. I want guys to be committed, authentic, tell the truth. This will be my big challenge. »

“I want guys to be real”

To start on the right foot after an electric end to the season, the recovery day in Moga, on July 25, was therefore largely under the sign of explanations. “The return to training had been much anticipated by the staff, with a great update for everyone, explains pillar Jefferson Poirot, at the club for ten years. On the first day, the coaches were able to recognize their mistakes. For example, about managing training and workloads at certain times of the season. At the player level, we recognized mistakes as far as team cohesion is concerned. Sometimes we could have done more too. We have not always necessarily applied the necessary rigor. » As a wine lover, coach Urios has therefore adjusted the recipe that was presented to the players a few days ago. “In general, we will try to move as much as possible towards autonomy, points out the ex-international Poirot. Today we can have an operation where the players expect too much from the squad. It is a defect. We will try to work more in collaboration with him, even with real autonomy for certain periods. »

“The change in operation is necessary”

In a less brutal way than he had done by stealing these leaders last June, Urios wants to create some kind of shock in his group, to bring him closer to a first trophy. As he sometimes tells his players, “Why would things change, if we don’t change?” In fact, it is not a matter of blurring the line between the regularity of results and sports stagnation. “I think this change in operation is necessary. We are still entering the fourth year of the cycle, and we have been at the same stage for three years, throws Jeff Poirot in a confident tone. There, we will attempt an evolution on the method that has worked so far, as it has taken us to the final stages several times. It just needs a little more to scale. The players’ responsibility, their total involvement, is surely one of the keys to going further. » And thus allow Bordeaux to offer its best cuvée.

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