Top 14. Morgan Parra: “I wanted to discover something else and different.”

Morgan Parra says he is excited and wants to enjoy himself at the Stade Français. (© Nicolas Dendri – Rugby News)

for ten minutes, Morgan Parra entrusted to the lawn of John Bouin to his signature a French Stadium in Paris and their goals for the coming seasons. Smiling and happy to be there, scrum-half with 71 caps french team has not shirked any subject exclusively for Rugby news.

News: How do you feel since the return with the Stade Français in Paris?

Morgan Parra: I feel very good. Little by little I am discovering the atmosphere of Paris, my new colleagues and the staff. We are in the middle of a week of preparation. As every year, the preparation is very tough. I begin my adaptation. It’s a very good group with young people, players who know each other in a good mood. After all, what makes a club live well is the results. The preparation is good. But there will be that first game against Clermont at home to get the season off to the best possible start. From there, with a winning team, everything gets easier.

Next week you are going to do an internship in Portugal. This will also be an opportunity to strengthen your integration…

PM: The course allows you to be away from families, be closer together and bond among the players. This is an opportunity to set common goals with the squad for the coming season. We get to know each other a little more by living together. We stay together at the table, we discover each other and this allows us to spend a good time in a good atmosphere. Of course, you also have to work a lot because the internship is part of the preparation.

Why did you choose to come to the Stade Français in Paris?

PM: I spent 13 years in Clermont. I wanted to discover something else and different before I quit smoking. This is your chance to have a new challenge. I asked myself in which club I will be the best and the most useful. I think I can bring something to the Stade Français. In any case, I will try to do everything. It’s a young group. I hope I can contribute some experience. This club is completely different. 13 years ago I chose Clermont but I had contacts with the Stade Français. So it’s a bit of a nod, 13 years later, to come here as well.

Morgan Parra will have spent thirteen years with Clermont.
Morgan Parra will have spent thirteen years with Clermont. (© Icon Sports)

What does this club represent to you?

PM: This club has a great history. It is one of the best records in French rugby. When I was young, I followed the exploits of the Stade Français. Afterwards, they had a more difficult period although they carried some shields. There are monster players in every position, with great players who have marked the history of this club. I hope he finds his place in the elite of French rugby.

What role do you want to play on the lawn?

PM: I want to stay myself, try to exchange and contribute as much as possible to the group. In post 9, we will work together. For me, the priority is not the individual, it is the collective. The most important thing is to win the games. I don’t want to play any role. Talk about a leader but today I just want to be myself and it will happen naturally.

Gonzalo Quesada will be your coach at the Stade Français. What image do you have of this tactician?

PM: I met Gonzalo Quesada as a goalscorer and kicking coach for the French national team. I have good memories and a good contact. There has always been enormous respect. I was able to evolve in shooting at goal thanks to him. Now, I didn’t know him as a manager. He is someone I look up to and I am very happy to be working alongside him today. I discover it little by little. We exchange between players from the hinge and the squad to work together for the good of the team. It is the most important thing.

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What are your personal goals at the Stade Français?

PM: I want to enjoy myself. Today I play rugby because it is a passion. I want to have fun every weekend, get up in the morning and have the pleasure of coming to the stadium. It also means winning games and being able to do everything for the Stade Français to recover the top six places in the final stages and why not a title.

You signed for two years at the Stade Français. Can you imagine going further?

PM: I do not know. I had said in 2022 that I wanted to stop and in the end I told myself that I was going to continue. I talked to people who told me that if I could go on, I should go on. i extended In 2024, I will be 35 years old. From here, we’ll make a point. But I already want to give everything for these two years and enjoy myself. As a top-level athlete, the body dictates all the time. But as long as I’m having fun and can make a living from my passion, that’s the most important thing.

We just heard that you will be playing South Africa in Johannesburg in mid-December 2022. What do you think?

PM: For me, having a South African franchise is not really the European Cup, if I may say so. I’m quite sexist for this European Cup. Playing with clubs in South Africa is different. But it is so. You have to adapt. We will see and deal with it.

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