Top 14 – In Bordeaux-Bègles, the Christophe Urios method raises questions

Having alienated the dressing room at the end of the season, the Bordeaux coach is especially scrutinized. Its management method divides Bordeaux.

A season finale in sausages, marked by many internal “clashes”, a frustrating elimination in the semifinals of the Top 14 and the surprise departure of Cameron Woki … There was more to dream for the Union Bordeaux-Bègles. , before starting the preparation for a new season. One man is especially in the middle of the questions: Girondin coach Christophe Urios. If he had delighted the people of Bordeaux with the extension of his contract in December, the old Castres provoked a general fight in the dressing room of Bordeaux on the last day, in Perpignan. After an astonishing defeat, he had targeted his executives at a press conference. “His decision to expand may have been taken a little too soon, given the end of the season, the personal attacks on the players, confided Élodie Richard, president of the Les Burdigalais group of supporters for ten years. What bothered me about all his communication was the fact that he was washing dirty clothes in public. That goes behind the players, that means, but this confrontation between Woki and Jalibert was really unwelcome. You cannot make a negative communication when you state that you want to get the Brennus Shield. »

The result of this episode was, therefore, a tension in the dressing room of Bordeaux, which had decided to boycott Urios for the preparation of the play-off against Racing 92, but also a bitter elimination in the semifinals against Montpellier. Putting the locker room on his back, the manager also participated in the sudden loss of Cameron Woki, a year after the end of his contract. A few days after the announcement of the departure of the third row, it was Thierry Paiva, also leaving, who did not bite the words to his former coach at ARL: “He never told me directly that he did not want to hold me back. With him, the more the years went by, the more difficult the dialogues became. […] When he arrived in Bordeaux, the sentence was : “There is a world between what we say and what we do.” With me, there was a world between when he told me they wouldn’t use me as a substitute for the captain and what he did. »

A mastery of communication

Therefore, the “Urios method” is not effective for everyone. Although Matthieu Jalibert had admitted that his contract extension was partly linked to that of his manager, many locker room managers did not do the same. Paiva and Woki therefore, but also Seuteni, Lam or even Radradra when we return a few months earlier. “Can I afford to blame Urios for these outings? no, whispered Elodie Richard. That the players leave for affection, will always be seen. Then, what bothers me the most is that there are a lot of players advertised as starters, and few who arrive. »

Whoever claims that the supporters do not want Urios especially, still lived enough things in the UBB to be able to ascertain certain problems. Among these, a change of atmosphere within the group, but known to be very united when the manager arrived. “The atmosphere, there is more. It is no longer so festive, and is noticeable in communication and through players. When we went to see the last game in Perpignan we saw the players walking before the game and they didn’t know what to do with us. They were super cared for when we were ten, including kids. It is the manager who carries it. The feeling I had at the time was that the players were like children in a school yard but did not have the teacher’s approval. » As the Bordeaux season resumes on July 25, fans are asking a crucial question: “How will you regain the confidence of the players and take the group where it wants? »That is the problem, in fact.

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