Top 14 final. Montpellier notes (29-10): Mercer and Vincent in a state of grace

Against Castres, Montpellier’s No. 8, Zach Mercer, shone, like his wing friend Arthur Vincent. (© Icon Sport)

15. Anthony Bouthier: 8/10

  • The amazing statistic: 75 meters run ball by hand
  • Our opinion. A controlled final for Bouthier. Little loss in their kicking game and their increases. The back manages to cross twice and eliminates 5 defenders in total. He is the one who will record the third attempt of the Cists after the magnificent chistera of Arthur Vincent. 100% defense with 6/6 entry.

14. Arthur Vincent: 8.5 / 10

  • The amazing statistic: 1 download
  • Our opinion. A single download, but surprisingly beautiful, as it cleverly sends to Bouthier’s goal. It is also at the conclusion of 1er try after the small game at the feet of Zach Mercer. Even on defense, it’s flawless. Als 47e minute, he faces Combezou and after his advance, he scratches the ball calmly. It prevents Dumora from scoring a try preventing him from flattening with Zach Mercer.

13. Geoffrey Doumayrou: 6.5 / 10

  • The amazing statistic: 8/8 in tackles.
  • Our opinion. It is needed in the game, but for the rest a pretty clean game for the second center. On defense, he can boast of having made a 100% defense.

12. Jan Serfontein: 6.5 / 10

The amazing statistic: 13 tackles
Our opinion. He started his match badly with his high entrance (2e). In total, he has been wrong twice. For the rest, he will have been decisive with an impressive kill on defense (13 tackles). He left at 60ereplaced by Ngandebe.

11. Vincent Rattez: 5.5 / 10

  • Shocking statistics. 2 balloons in this final.
  • Our opinion. Quite a quiet finish for the old Rochelais. We thought he had scored after a loose rope game near the goal line, but one play prevented Rattez from getting 5 points. He touched the ball twice, without advancing. Complicated to highlight by touching so few balloons.

10. Paolo Garbisi: 7/10

  • The amazing statistic: 9 tackles.
  • Our opinion. Relieved of the weight of the shots on goal for several games, he served the game with lucidity. Fast when needed, timed in quieter times. Al 68e, got a penalty after Paillaugue’s departure 10 minutes earlier. He left in ’68ereplaced by Pollard.

9. Benedict Paillaugue: 7/10

  • The amazing statistic: 8 points scored
  • Our opinion. Since when do we not see him so sharp in his vision of the game and his launch speed? Authors of 31 assists, perfectly guided the game of the Cists. On defense, two innings are missing. Released in 58, replaced by Aprasidze.

8. Zach Mercer: 9/10

  • Shocking statistics. Involved in the 3 own judgments
  • Our opinion. The words do not describe the performance of No. 8 in Montpellier. Constantly in the service of the game, he stood out for his downloads and the constant search to make them. He is involved in all three trials. In the first, we discover his technical palette with his kick to follow for Vincent. His charges were destructive with 6 defenses defeated, always to take the lead. He also saves a rehearsal action from Castrese preventing Dumora from flattening out (49e). Get 100% on plywood with a 12/12.

7. Yacouba Camara: 7/10

  • The amazing statistic. 15 tackles
  • Our opinion. More present in defense than in attack, he is the best tackle of the match. A brave captain in good shape this evening, like his team. Grant billing. Released on 64ereplaced by Verhaeghe.

6. Alexandre Becognée: 6.5 / 10

  • The amazing statistic: 92% face success
  • Our opinion. The old Montois was less prominent than his friend Mercer, but also more present in the work behind the scenes. He made a decisive 55 scrape after a long streak of CO at the MHR field. On defense, he has been busy with 13 innings to his credit.

5. Bastien Chalureau: 8/10

  • The amazing statistic: 11 tackles
  • Our opinion. His rage marked the first part. Very rough on defense with attackers standing in his way, he also highlights his presence on offense, with a discharge and a pass leading to Varhaeghe’s try. Great performance for the second row. Released in 58, replaced by Capelli.

4. Florian Verhaeghe: 5.5 / 10

  • The amazing statistic : 3 fouls
  • Our opinion. He steals a touch ball from minute 2 and scores the 2nd try of the current MHR. But Florian Verhaeghe has had a slightly more complicated final than Chalureau with 3 fouls conceded that have led Castres to the Montpellier field. Released 48, replaced by Janse Van Rensburg.

3. Mohamed Haouas: 6/10

  • The amazing statistic : 5 ball races in hand.
  • Our opinion. The international brings us a clean copy in the scrum. On defense, two tackles are missing for 10 hits. His explosion of attacking energy is remarkable. Released in 58, replaced by Thomas

2. Guilhem Guirado: Not scored

  • The amazing statistic. N / A
  • Our opinion. The match started well but his exit by concussion protocol ended his career because he would not return. Released on the 27thereplaced by Paenga-Amosa, who played a great game of mixing and defense.

1. Titi Lamositele: 5/10

  • The amazing statistic : 2 faults.
  • Our opinion. Discreet match for the American international. If his scrum catch is good, he is penalized twice and has shown less in attack. Released at 63ereplaced by Rodgers

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