Top 14 – Dupont as usual, Dark West … The notes of Toulouse – La Rochelle

Toulousains Antoine Dupont and Peato Mauvaka shone on the grass of Ernest-Wallon, this Saturday evening (33-28). Next to La Rochelle, the initial half of Ihaia West sank during this bombing. Skelton and Uini Atonio? They also struggled to compete with the coolness of Toulouse.

Notes from Toulouse

15. Thomas Ramos: 6.5 / 10

A standing game that is too long and ends in a dead ball (2e) and a goal that probably could have been adjusted better (7/10 against the posts), still achieved a performance worthy of the event.

Often incisive in his ball catches, he also covered the bottom of the field well in the rare games at the foot of La Rochelle at 3 p.m.e curtain. He made a wonderful pass to Mallia on his side, which allowed the Argentine to score the third try of Toulouse (62).e). He was replaced by Nelson Epée at 72e minutes of the meeting.

14. Juan Cruz Mallia: 7/10

He has often been invaluable in his part. But not only that. Sometimes we have seen him move. We even saw him at the start of the game having a good playing time on foot. Above all, he was perfectly timed to recover Ramos’ footwork at the time of scoring on the 3rd.e your team try (62e).

13. Pierre Fouyssac: 6.5 / 10

He scored his team ‘s first attempt (8e). It was sanctioned by a “contest” considered illegal (10e). In defense, he was very clean, with 100% accuracy in the tackles (5/5). He was replaced by Germain at 66e minute.

12. Pita Ahki: 7/10

He was one of the defense regulators of Toulouse. Often only on his defensive rises, however, he missed two innings. In attack, he has two defeated defenders to his credit. We’ve already seen him sharper but he was able to create uncertainty in La Rochelle’s defense in his ball catches.

11. Matthis Lebel: 6/10

In the rare balls that came to his side, he sometimes created danger. However, he did not come to offer himself in a different area of ​​play than his. He has not been very strong in his defense to prevent Alldritt from scoring the Rochelais’ second try (57e).

10. Romain Ntamack: 7/10

He tried and failed a drop (21e). Overall, he led the Toulouse offensive well. Often with a great moment as in this action of the 35e where the ball flew over Mallia’s wing. An action that should have known a better destination, without missing La Rochelle. The international also defended a lot, without getting a single hole. He was pardoned by scoring the fourth try for his team, sealing the fate of the match (70e).

9. Antoine Dupont: 8.5 / 10

Well caught by Bourgarit, he made a striker from the first minute. This is the only lack of taste committed by Antoine Dupont, still the author of a XXL match. In particular, he was the trigger for the first attempt at the meeting (8e).

8. Anthony Jelonch: 7/10

Very present in the support, we saw him less with the ball in hand, especially during the first period. He was invaluable in defense. 9 tickets during the first forty minutes of the match. Only a slight foul on Grégory Alldritt’s try (57e). A failure to share with Romain Ntamack and Matthis Lebel. A little later in the match, he won a valuable competition at La Rochelle (68e).

7. Rynhardt Elstadt: 7.5 / 10

What a defender. He was given thirteen tackles during the first forty minutes. Nineteen in total during the meeting. Beautiful in the ground combat zone, however, he was once sanctioned (22e). He was replaced by Tolofua in 61e minutes of the meeting. The latter carried all his power. In particular, it was the detonator of the 4e Toulouse test recorded by Ntamack (70e).

6. François Cros (not rated)

Injured in a knee since 20e minute, was replaced by Thibaud Flament. He struggled to get into the game. Rather unobtrusive during his first twenty minutes on the floor.

5. Richie Arnold 6.5 / 10

Sanctioned for high entry (23e), it was from this penalty that the Rochelais scored their first try. To his credit, a huge burst of energy, including eight tackles. He was also often on offensive support. He was replaced by Meafou at 57e minutes of the meeting.

4. Rory Arnold 7/10

It was he who was the origin of the second test of Toulouse thanks to a great capital advance of the complete axis (13e). However, he missed two innings in the first half. Lots of activity for a second line. The match ended exhausted, replaced by Elstadt (66e).

3. Dorian Aldegheri 7.5 / 10

He was penalized in the first scrum (4e), but recovered well following, although he was sanctioned with a foul at the beginning of the second period (43rd). Behind that free kick, he also blew the first line of La Rochelle, offering a beautiful penalty to his team. He even showed great mobility, which is not necessarily his strong point. He was replaced by Mallez in 61e minutes of the meeting.

2. Peato Mauvaka 8/10

Decisive in Fouyssac’s first attempt (8e) with that almost blind pass, played to the maximum. Accurate in his throws (100% accuracy), always incisive in his ball throws, made a great game. He was replaced at 51e minute by Julien Marchand.

1. Cyril Baille 7.5 / 10

Solid in melee closed as usual, it was still often available in the current game. Two defenses defeated in the first half. He was replaced by Ainu’u in 54e minutes of the meeting.

The notes of the Rochelais

Brice Dulin: 5/10

Brice Dulin, who often relies on his speed, had a rotten day on the drenched grass. Still, he should be able to revive himself next weekend, with British barbarians against Rose XV in Twickenham. Before going to Japan? Is possible…

Dillyn Leyds: 4/10

He has been effective under the few high balls he has had to negotiate with Ernest-Wallon but has been too discreet with the ball in hand. Should I have offered more for Ihaia West, with no solutions in Toulouse? Who knows…

Jeremy Sinzelle: 3/10

Watched closely by Toulouse, he lost balls in too many shocks and was never able to direct the game as usual, in the middle of the field. A game to forget about him, who was replaced by Jonathan Danty at the start of the second period. He put on a few “candies” and was sometimes dangerous at the end of the game.

Levani Botia: 5/10

He was pressured by the center of Toulouse, so much so that he was rarely able to advance the ball by hand. Although generous in defense, he also made several serious mistakes on the ground. At the end of the game, after a very good advance in the middle of the axis, however, it allowed Jules Favre to flatten the last rehearsal of this quarter final.

Raymond Rhule: 3/10

Always very restless, brave in attack and defense, he was never able to destabilize the Toulouse defense and was sometimes clumsy with the ball in his hands. Injured in the ribs, he was replaced by Arthur Retière at the start of the second period. Juan Cruz Mallia, who often relies on his speed, had a rotten day on the drenched grass.

Ihaia West: 3/10

His start to the game was a real nightmare. He missed an easy penalty in front of the posts before finding a direct touch a minute later. In the test of Antoine Dupont in the first period, he could not push the best player in the world in contact. Obviously, Ihaia West was far from her best, at Ernest-Wallon …

Thomas Berjon: 3/10

It was less accurate, less present than during the Champions Cup final against Leinster, a fortnight ago. In general, his ball throws were too slow to allow the development of the La Rochelle game. He was substituted by Jules Favre in the 67th minute and it was Arthur Retière who slipped in the fight.

Matthias Haddad-Victor: 7/10

This Matthias Haddad-Victor is a hell of a flank. Author of a good load from the first minute, in general he was very strong with the ball in hand, won the vast majority of his duels and, throughout the game, was very skilled in touch or under the derivations . Will we see him soon with the tricolor shirt? There is no longer any shadow of a doubt.

Gregory Alldritt: 6/10

If he was as generous as ever, available and determined, he was under so much pressure from his Toulouse counterparts that he sometimes struggled to cross that red and black curtain in the first period. Nevertheless, he managed, with a scrum start, to beat four Toulouse defenders to flatten La Rochelle’s second attempt.

Wiian Liebenberg: 6/10

What an activity ball in hand and in defense! He even scored the first goal for La Rochelle in the 25th minute. In Toulouse, Wiaan Liebenberg was also widely used in contact, where he never disappointed.

Will Skelton: 4/10

The Australian giant, recently injured in the calf and huge in the Champions Cup final against Leinster, lacked a lot of freshness in Toulouse and was inevitably seen. At the beginning of the match he was penalized for collapsing a penetrating maul and during the rest of the match he was never able to make the usual impact on his opponents.

Thomas Lavault: 3/10

A disappointing performance. It was overtaken by Rory Arnold’s advance in the first half, which was Toulouse’s second attempt. In general, Thomas Lavault struggled to compete in the impacts and lost some ammunition. He was replaced by Romain Sazy after 50 minutes.

Uini Atonio: 3/10

He lost a ball in contact in his first charge of the match and, in general, struggled to maintain the infernal pace imposed by the Toulouse team. For Uini Atonio, author of an immense season and now considered the best pillar on the right of the planet, the holidays are therefore opportune. In Toulouse, Atonio was replaced shortly before the hour by the Argentine Joel Sclavi, whose freshness and power did well for the Rochelais.

Pierre Bourgarit: 4/10

In the first attempt of Toulouse, after an amulet of the luck of Peato Mauvaka, Antoine Dupont has caught it inside. Generous in defense as in attack, perfect or almost in his shots, he was, unfortunately, repeatedly penalized on the ground. Pierre Bourgarit, however, scored the penultimate try of the match, after a good load.

Dany Priso: 3/10

If he was dynamic enough, he sometimes had problems with Dorian Aldegheri in closed scrum. Reda Wardi was the replacement.

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