Top 14: David Marty takes the USAP stage as head coach

At 39, and promoted to sporting director, David Marty will be the youngest coach next season to lead a Top 14 team. Not without ambition. This Monday he has held his first press conference since taking office.

Patrick Arlettaz promoted to club coach David Marty will be the USAP field man next season. The former three-quarter international (37 games, 11 tries), a man of a single club, takes the reins of the athlete and will thus become the youngest coach of the next edition of the Top 14. With 39 years, the Salanquais has won his No. 1 stripes passionately living a first season under pressure, which allowed him to assert his character and his ideas, often very close to those of Patrick Arlettaz. The latter will keep in touch with his squad, which expands with the arrival of Guillaume Vilaceca, in charge of the sideline and certain aspects of the work of the strikers, along with Perry Freshwater, Gérald Bastide remains in the charge of defense and specific exercises. “This contribution by Guillaumein Marty River, it just balances things out. All Top 14 staff work with a dozen specialists. The USAP fills, a little, its delay. Guillaume and I played a lot of time together, then we trained for four seasons at Espoirs. He was convinced of his skills and we got along very well. “

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“He is the one who will make the team compositions”

The press conference, held yesterday at noon at the Parc des Sports, aimed to clarify the sports organization for next season. “For the six years I’ve been at the club, it was time to evolvesays Patrick Arlettaz. Christian Lanta’s retirement left a void. I talked to the President about introducing him to a new organization, with “Zaza” in charge of the athlete. He is the one who will make the team compositions. With the men you have chosen. I want David to take care of the playing field … and the playing field! I will be responsible for the smooth running and good performance of the club. I will be closer to the club government, the administration, the management of the staff. I modeled our future operation from the plan we had with Christian Lanta. It will only change people. “

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Friends … Catalans!

It is no longer necessary to prove the complementarity of the two men. “David and I are friendscontinues Arlettaz. It has advantages and disadvantages. You may think that there may be a lack of objectivity when working with a friend. The advantage is that we tend to tell each other things. We’re not the type who hangs his head when something doesn’t work. We will fight, but it is for the common good. We are Catalan friends … This means that we will not spend more than two days without discussing or telling each other our truths face to face. But things will be said! “

Before throwing himself headlong into his new challenge, David Marty admits to feeling some pressure, inevitably. “But you knowkeep on, I played fifteen years at USAP, and when we play here, we have it all the time … The goal set is to keep, trying to avoid final access. Because the week before Mont-de-Marsan was not pleasant. We lived it badly. It’s not nice to train a group that has everything to lose … “ He also knows that World Cup years are often complex. He knows what he is talking about as he has lived through two (France 2007 and New Zealand 2011). “We will study the rest periods necessary for our players who will be in the World Cupexplain. I think of Jerome (From the Source). We’ve already talked to Michaël Cheika, the Pumas coach. We will manage it as best we can. For the rest, we know where we are going. We use what has worked to project ourselves further. The schedule is what it is, it is not easy to receive Brive, a direct competitor of maintenance, from the second day. The better we start the season, the better we will live it. ” I miss being there!

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USAP express

Offshoring training

This morning’s training will move to Saint-Cyprien. Players will work at the Grand Stade des Capellans, from 9 am, before satisfying the curiosity of young fans, who will be able to access the stadium. The USAP plans to open two more training sessions to its fans: on July 27 (10 am) at the end of the Falgos training camp, and on August 9 (10 am), the venue is still defined, three days before of the first friendly match, scheduled for Montauban on August 12 (8 p.m.).

A few more absent

Yesterday, the USAP had recovered almost its entire staff. The only missing were the two Fijians (Duguilavu ​​and Sawailau), delayed by Australia due to non-compliant Covid-19 certificates; Piula Faasalele will arrive Monday from New Zealand; Dorian Laborde was entitled to an additional week off after participating in the 7-a-side tournament in Poland. Finally, Kelian Galletier, champion of France with Montpellier, is also entitled to a subsequent recovery.

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