Top 14: At the Samatan Market, choirs oscillate between Stade Tolousain and Castres

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The village of Gers de Samatan is shared. Toulousain Matthis Lebel trained at Lombez Samatan Club and is the son of LSC player and coach Michael Lebel. And Castrese Pierre Broncan is, of course, a little historical Save where he played and where his father Henry is a figure. In the market, the semifinals of the Top 14 are in the lead.

In Samatan, Monday morning, the poultry market has been empty for a few weeks. That we no longer find ourselves in black berets with a chicken on time in each hand. The fat market too. This is where you really need to be aware of the ravages of bird flu.

Luckily, one could say, there is still life in the rest of the market. One of the busiest in the region to the point of requiring the intervention of two municipal employees to keep traffic flowing.
Fortunately, there is also rugby. as a social bond. It brings together two peoples, the most beautiful symbol of coexistence.

But at the time of the Castres – Stade Toulousain semi-final, the Samatan market is exceptionally divided. But for whom does Samatan roll? For Matthis Lebel or Pierre Broncan? Chance is sometimes mischievous, the first answer is distorted. Sitting in front of a back table in the market, a lady sells pancakes, waffles and atria (or wonders depending on the region). And she is none other than Matthis Lebel’s grandmother. Very proud to show us the interview that La Dépêche du Midi dedicated to her grandson. A point for Toulouse, then.

For many, it is Pierrot

A little further up the village, Jean-Noël, sitting in the old Suderie café, immediately corrects us: “Lebel, it’s not from Samatan, it’s from Saint-Soulan. (Editor’s note: a small neighboring town) ”before declining its statistic fiber:“ I have always supported the Stadium even in difficult times. And in Samatan, many support the Stadium. Beside him, Gégé, who experienced promotion to the National during the 1969-1970 season, that is, “just yesterday,” he says, listens religiously.

Outside, on the terrace, Daniel Larrieu has just been replaced. The old pillar or second line votes for Broncan: “This year I went to see the Stadium twice and Castres once. But it’s Pierrot … ”It’s a matter of generation because sitting next to her, her daughter Morgane has a red and black heart. “I had been in class since kindergarten with Matthis, I have always supported Toulouse. »

On the same terrace, half a step further on, we recognize the baldness of Jean-Marc Zuchetti, also a member of the Broncan family: “Pierre has put rugby back in its place. With friendship and celebration. Castres is the story of the little one. And Pierre needs closeness. For me, Pierre is doing a very good job and has perhaps been chosen as the best coach in France. Historically, Samatan is for the Stadium. But I am a friend of Pierre. I watched him grow up. So I’m in Castres. »

Campaign memories

Speaking of little ones, it is enough to put Jean-Marc Zuchetti on the path to tell him one of the most beautiful stories of the children of Save when the LSC had received the Stade Français in February 2000 for an eighth Cup final. of France: “Marc Lievremont was the captain. They had been put in a 10 m2 dressing room with only three showers where they could not be changed all at once. »

On the contrary, Max Ballarin laughs before returning to our subject: “These are two clubs that I love. Castres has a village spirit, a small budget and a charming coach. The other, Stade Tolousain, is the must and champion of the beautiful game. “

Therefore, the love rating seems similar for the two teams. Mainly because Pierre Broncan is Castres’ coach. In the same way, René Daubriac, historical president of the LSC, does not want to see in this beautiful story a choice to be made: “I am very happy that we can talk about the LSC in this way. I can only tell you that, in my opinion, the winner is the future champion of France and that little Pierre who never stops growing up may create a surprise. »

So LSC wins. And now we have to wait until Monday morning for the Samatan market to return full of comments about this semifinal. With passion and respect. This is the case in this little corner of the Gers.

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