tickets from 24 to 950 euros, program of events, slogan… The contours of Paris 2024 become clearer

One of the 11 images accompanying the Paris 2024 slogan Paris 2024

Two years before the Olympic Games in the French capital, the Organizing Committee revealed a lot of practical information on Monday.

On Tuesday, July 26, the D-2 years will be fulfilled before the start of the Olympic Games in Paris. “A symbolic momentin the eyes of Michaël Aloïsio, Chief of Staff of the Organizing Committee. “This is an opportunity to take stock of the evolution of the project, which continues to have the strong support of the French since, according to a recent survey we carried out, 80% of them are in favor of the organization of these Games.“But also, and especially in the eyes of the general public, the opportunity to learn more about the different calendars, whether they are sporting events or tickets. Not to mention the slogan for these 2024 Olympics that was released to celebrate this countdown.

“Let’s open the Games”

Paris 2024 Brand Director Julie Mathikine unveiled the tagline: “We open the Games of everything“, while explaining its pros and cons: “A slogan serves to share with the general public a dynamic, an ambition… It is also a way of summarizing our project around its main strengths. This is an in-house job. Basically, we reflected on what we thought were the main markers for Paris 2024 and where they were leading us. Whether it’s the marathon for all, the Paris 2024 club that gathers around 500,000 French people, the election of Tahiti or the opening ceremony outside the stadium, everything serves to open the Games to the general public, in the territories. Hence the ultimately simple slogan: “Let’s open the Games wide open.” We want to organize Games for the benefit of the greatest number and that is what this slogan translates. And the term big implies our desire to be extraordinary, to invent new things, to innovate, to create…»

This slogan will revolve around eleven themes, illustrated with eleven posters, around the themes of parity, disability, new disciplines such as breakdance, territories, sport at school…”We try to open up the Games in all their forms and in many different directionssummarizes Michaël Aloïsio. This is what we’ve been doing naturally since the start of the project and that’s why it grew out of the work of the Paris 2024 internal teams.»

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The calendar of events has been revealed

Starting on July 24, two days before the opening ceremony on the banks of the Seine, the Olympic Games will begin with the first matches of men’s football and rugby sevens. For swimming fans, the finals of the men’s 100 meters and women’s will take place in July. 31, while the finals of the handball tournaments, in which France is the two-time defending champion, will be played at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy in Lille on August 10 at 3pm for the girls, and the following day at 1:30 p.m. for the girls. women. men. From July 27, the first medals will be awarded in judo, road cycling (men’s and women’s time trials), fencing, skateboarding, shooting… And on August 11, to highlight women’s sports, the marathon femininity will conclude the festivities, all the way back. the traditional order. So many events that fans can already mark on their calendar and thus prepare their battle plan to win one or more tickets.

Passes from 24 to 950 euros

Even with more than 13 million tickets on sale – 10 million for the Olympics and 3 million for the Paralympics – there will be plenty of contenders and plenty of disappointments, too. “Tickets account for a third of our income in the overall balance of the Gamesanalyzes Michaël Aloïsio. This is key because to balance our budget, we need to generate around €1.1 billion in ticket revenue. But we don’t want this problem to come at the expense of accessibility. We looked for a model that preserves this. Hence this million tickets at 24 euros in absolutely all disciplines. 50% of the tickets will have a price of 100 euros or less, and a little more than 90% will have a price of less than 200 euros.»

As for the most expensive, for very crowded events such as the final of the 100m athletics or the men’s basketball tournament, the maximum price has been set at 950 euros. On December 1st, the entire quota calendar will be announced and registrations for the draw will be open. In February 2023, the draws will start for those who want to purchase packs of three events (from 72 euros), which will then be broadcast in May for the sale of individual tickets (which includes the opening ceremony). Tickets for the Paralympic Games go on sale in autumn 2023.

The concept of packs is a novelty“remembers Capucine Bernet, director of the box office. “These will be tailor-made packs, based on a wide variety of sessions. All sports will be available, and all facilities. Some may very well wear a Marseille pack with two sailing sessions and a football match. Or the person who lives in Les Yvelines and offers a home package between golf, horse riding and mountain biking.Two examples among many others. With this advice from Michaël Aloïsio as an advantage: “To increase your chances of being drawn, it is best to be part of Club Paris 2024. This is because it will serve as a very comprehensive information platform, which will allow you not to miss anything and maximize your chances. And then there will be an internal draw for Club members only, which will increase your luck. As a reminder, registration is free.»

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