Thibaut Pinot, magnificent loser in Châtel


Admirable courage in the ascent of the Morgins Pass to pick up Bob Jungels, the Frenchman narrowly failed in his quest for victory. This is just a postponement.

Special envoy to Châtel Les Portes du Soleil

Extinct, on Friday in his homeland, stuck to bitumen and gravel on the rise of the Planche des Belles Filles where he could not keep up with the favorites, poissard on Saturday after being the victim of two falls and grabbing his arm in the face of an assistant to the Trek team with a musette, we imagined Pinot sentenced to Paris to a lieutenant role for its leader David Gaudu.

Unpredictable and always hitting where you least expect it, Thibaut Pinot thwarted the odds by failing on the verge of securing a fourth victory at the Grande Boucle. Or rather forty seconds, because the Frenchman, flying down the slopes at 6.1% to the ski resort of Haute-Savoie when he decided to distort, alone, company with the group of pursuers, finally he was caught up in the latter, less selective and more favorable. to the power of Luxembourg’s Bob Jungels, winner before the break.

The Franc-Comtois, which was believed almost to the end, in the streets of Châtel, was transformed into an incandescent stadium when the Frenchman passed like a shell at 80 km / h under a scorching sun after crossing the Pas of Morgins. The turns of the station even had the air of Kop screaming with his “Pinot! Pi-not as the hero of the day passes, grimacing, his cheeks swollen. The village lit up even more when the giant screen planted at the foot of the church showed twenty seconds between the climber and the Luxembourger, admirable for his courage.

Surely, starting a little late in his impossible search eight miles from the last ascent, Pinot realized that the last cables of the Dranse d’Abondance, the river leading to the finish line, were going to smile at the pilot of the AG2R training – Citroën. . The open, breathless T-shirt, Pinot, positive on the Covid-19 a few days before the start of the event, let go of his effort to finally finish fourth and non-stop. Whatever the seconds lost, the 30-year-old (32) doesn’t aim for the overall anyway. David Gaudu, his leader, gave him a well-deserved hug in the goal area. It’s not enough to comfort the friend, his face closed as always when a team assistant put a wet towel around his neck.

This is the first day where I have more or less good feelings.

Thibaut Pinot

It’s a shame, but I left 2’30 behind at the foot of the step that was better than me but I do not regret it, I gave it my all“He dropped the Frenchman on France Télévisions before projecting himself for the next three days in the Alps and his indigestible menu:”This is the first day where I have more or less good feelings. I’m pretty calm for the future. The next two weeks are coming.“Let him be reassured, the French public that made him an icon in the Grande Boucle, should have other opportunities to shout on the side of the roads, whether alpine or Pyrenean.

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