these four French prodigies conquering the United States

Ismaël Kamagate (left) and Moussa Diabaté (right), two interiors that could attract greed Lia Mancini / Panoramic – AI / Reuters / Panoramic

Four Frenchmen will be in Brooklyn tonight for the traditional NBA Draft (2 p.m.). The thirty NBA teams will be able to select from among the best young players in the world.

The nugget Ousmane Dieng (New Zealand)

He is the most anticipated Frenchman in this year’s Draft (between 10-15 places): winger Ousmane Dieng, who played for the New Zealand Breakers with Hugo Besson, has a growing reputation among American explorers, until to the point of being almost guaranteed. hear his name in the first round, synonymous with a guaranteed multi-season contract.

Beyond its obvious potential, Dieng is a true intriguing nugget, a rough diamond to polish due to an atypical profile that could delight a team looking for a youngster to develop for several years. A tall European winger who possesses handle, game vision, shooting creation and mobility, is a rare and especially sought after gem in the NBA since Giannis Antetokounmpo’s successful outburst in Milwaukee.

The physical monster Ismaël Kamagate (Paris)

Like his teammate Juhann Begarin (recruited by Boston) last year, Paris basketball pivot Ismael Kamagate should see his career take a drastic turn tonight. After a remarkable progression to Betlic Elite under the Paris shirt, Kamagate was able to strengthen his strengths to embody the classic interior of the NBA game.

It is expected between 30 and 40 sites, their profile of edgerunning Man physical, added to his length, wingspan and great athletic qualities, will catch the attention of several coaches looking for size in a league as physical as the NBA.

Will a Paris basketball meeting be held soon at Roland-Garros Central?

The beautiful story Hugo Besson (New Zealand)

After a convincing season at Saint-Quentin in Pro B, Hugo Besson decided in July 2021 to leave France to fly to Auckland and thus join compatriot Ousmane Dieng in the New Zealand Breakers. A very original course for this 21-year-old owner, with a high basketball IQ.

Predicted around 40 places, he is ultimately the traditional basketball leader who has real qualities with the ball in his hand, able to score and pass. Besson may also exist off ball second base, which is critical to the transition to the NBA. However, his physical and defensive shortcomings, as well as his already advanced age for a rookie represent the black spots of his panoply.

The Moussa Diabaté Enigma (Michigan)

Labeled a “five-star recruit” when he arrived at the Michigan Wolverines, pivot Moussa Diabaté (2m11, 95kg) came out of the prestigious Florida IMG Academy where he overcame all competition. There is still much mystery surrounding the Paris native after a complicated team season in Michigan, during which he found it difficult to flourish in attack.

Expected in the second round, his profile is still quite intriguing with attractive defensive potential, however, but his offensive limits, problems with quick fouls and concern for his real ability to flourish in position 5 clearly reduce. its value.

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