“The weather conditions could help me” – GP Inside

Johann Zarco is approaching the Dutch Grand Prix with confidence, with the strength of his two podiums in Barcelona and the Sachsenring. The three-way pass to Assen, and the first victory of his MotoGP career? Why not. Especially if the rain, where he stands out, joins the party, he commented at a press conference.

5th in Le Mans, 4th in Mugello, 3rd in Barcelona, ​​2nd in Sachsenring … so 1st in Assen? “It won’t be easy, but it would be amazing to continue this streak. Bad weather (rain expected, editor’s note) could help me. We need to see the strategy of free workouts according to the bike. You have to be prepared for the classification, and classify yourself in the front row because you have more chances to get on the podium. If I have good feelings, I can be competitive. »

Weather forecast: “If it rains this weekend, it should be cold unlike Mandalika (where it also rained). I feel good in these conditions because it’s a way to feel the bike better with less physical effort. »

About GP 22 and his physical difficulties at the Sachsenring: “It’s my style to shoot like that, to act I have to suffer a bit. I hope to find a second wind after the summer holidays, I can’t predict anything. The GP22 is at an impressive level when you look at the times you can make in the standings, like Pecco’s. Sometimes he’s a little sensitive and that’s what can explain falls, like Pecco’s. That’s also why I’m not so relaxed, because if you’re too relaxed you might be surprised. »

Third to mid-season: “I did not start as well as last year, when I got two podiums in Qatar. You need to stay focused every weekend, put in the energy you need and understand the bike, which is sometimes a little difficult. The results are coming to the final Grand Prix and I’m happy with that. »

What do you think of half of Fabio Quartararo’s championship: “It’s impressive in the technical part of driving. Playing for a second title after being champion, he manages it pretty well with the pressure surrounding him. He is very mature in his way of managing the championship. His pace in difficult conditions is untraceable throughout a race, he finds it easy when we all have problems with the tires. »

2023 and its future at Ducati: “We have a good relationship with them because I am the only one who speaks without a manager. They know what I think, that I want to stay with Ducati to improve my results and win. Pramac team or official team, I’m fine. It would be a bad surprise not to have a contract. Continuing with Ducati is not signed but almost 100% safe. About who will be with Pecco: I joked that if they hesitate between an Italian and a Spanish, they take a Frenchman in the middle! Our results for a satellite team are very good, it attracts sponsors and helps, so it can be good to stay here. And on the other hand, for prestige, desire to win races and fight for a championship, it is better to go to the official team. »

The partner I would like in 2023: We already have a good relationship with Jorge (Martin), so it would continue as it is today. With Enea (Bastianini) it would be easier for us both to speak Italian, although Jorge also has a great level of Italian. Jorge is better for the team because he is already there and we will work better together. Enea has very good feelings with his team with already 3 victories, breaking this group … Sometimes it is difficult to do it again later in another team. »

Comments collected on site at the TT Circuit in Assen

Assen: Past results of Fabio and Zarco

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