The SA XV wants to “set the tone” in Colomiers

A month after resuming training, this…

A month after the resumption of training, this opposition is not a crucial meeting, but a way to do a ” self evaluation “ for manager Vincent Etcheto. The SA XV maintained its structure in the off-season, even strengthened and rejuvenated according to its president Didier Pitcho (read below). Then he did “able to move quickly from fitness to rugby”since the beginning of July.

The group benefited from a few days off last week, but now face the final stretch before the start of the season (hosting Vannes on the 26th). “ We’ve switched to majority rugby because we’ve got a game coming up and we’ll string almost eight games if we include the Pro D2 block. (1)”, emphasizes Etcheto.

If the manager prefers to talk about a preparatory meeting rather than a friendly one (“we don’t have friends”laughs), he admits “Not everything will be perfect, it’s a laboratory. 35 or 36 players will participate. The goal is for our rugby to stay the course, in conquest, defense, attack. And on another level, making sure that individuals know their role, that the first lines work well in connection, that three quarters manage to meet, etc. “.

The return of the “ball in the belly”

Regarding the questions, this Thursday at the press conference, we hear Vincent Etcheto “very serene”, as she pressed him, almost impatiently. In a hurry to find the 2e division, also very happy to take off the duty firefighter tag he wore upon arrival, during the 2020-2021 fiscal year. “To me, I was angry (sic) to arrive here in the skin of the savior with two bullets and go down. It’s annoying. I tell myself we have time to get back on track with the preparation. And wow, you have three rotten games at the start of the National. I took it a lot for myself”breathe

Although we have regained confidence, we will still ask ourselves if we can evolve to Pro D2.

We had to travel new steep paths. By Etcheto, “We were rediscovering a level. It’s like when you’re in the first team and you go down to play with illusions. You think you’re going to be the best, but it’s actually harder because you’re playing with less good people, you’re less refereed. And it was”.

With the promotion, confidence returned. The SA XV benefits from the return of the historic Kévin Le Guen or Yassin Boutemmani, from the confidence of the experienced Ole Aveï or Robin Copeland who have returned instead of stopping their careers. His manager wants to temper despite everything: “Although we have regained confidence, we will still ask ourselves if we are able to evolve in Pro D2. There, I know the players will be afraid every Friday evening. That knot in the stomach, we missed it. »

Get serious tonight

That’s why it’s important to enter. Colomiers, a safe bet in the front room of the Top 14, is already subscribed to the final stages, a benchmark in the fight, as their often dominant striker. In a fortnight, it will be SU Agen’s turn to overtake Chanzy, the French rugby giant who ended an unprecedented slump by settling in mid-table in Pro D2 last season.

Vincent Etcheto is happy to face these references before going into the games that count: “The braver the opponent is, of quality, the better. Colomiers has more milestones than us, a continuity that we have unfortunately lost with the relegation. Agen returns full of ambition. » He also remembers the catastrophic start to the season last year, despite the friendlies that were not at all alarming against superior teams (Bayona, Agen).

The editorial office advises you

It is not surprising, in this case, that he and his president show their colors this Friday evening. “We play at Chanzy, against rivals who are from our division, we can’t let ourselves go right now. We have to set the tone, show that we are at home. We talk to players about playing well, but mostly it’s about being aggressive, whether Chanzy becomes or returns to an impregnable fortress. supports Etcheto. Didier Pitcho used the artistic metaphor: “We are a show business. When you go to see the premiere in the theater, you expect people to act as well as they did in their thirties”.

(1) In reality, the SA XV will “chain” seven matches. After tonight’s meeting, he will play a friendly against Agen on the 19th, then the first five meetings of Pro D2 will come before a first cut.

SA XV Colomiers

This Friday at 7 p.m. Chanzy.

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