The Haas team fully assumes to have copied the Ferrari concept

Haas principal Guenther Steiner fully accepts that his team made the decision to “copy” Ferrari’s concept with their updated single-seater in Hungary.

The Haas team waited until the thirteenth race of the 2022 season to introduce a package of new features to their single-seater and the least we can say is that the updated VF22 looks two drops of water like the Ferrari F1-75. Indeed, the updated Haas features a number of similar developments to Ferrari’s F1-75 and Steiner says the partnership with the Italian team, which supplies it with engine, gearbox, suspension and other components, made perfect sense to copy your partner’s concept rather than trying to start with an unfamiliar concept.

“Is there something wrong with that? There are three concepts: the Ferrari concept, the Red Bull concept and the Mercedes concept. We are closer to Ferrari, so obviously we will look at what Ferrari has done and copy. But it took a while of time because they had to launch their car and run and then we had to go to the wind tunnel to test and see this car. explained Steiner during the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend.

“So if we have the same concept as Ferrari, we will not copy Williams; You are obviously copying something similar. So it takes a little bit of time because you want to see what other people are doing, what works and what doesn’t.”

“We took some time off because I think we are in a good position where we wanted to be. We didn’t expect to be this strong at the start of the season, so we tried to win as much as possible. [avec le nouveau package] and tried to go in the right direction. But getting into the wind tunnel and developing takes time.”

The Haas team principal says he is not concerned that another team on the grid will decide to file a claim to copy Ferrari: “If someone said we’re copying, I’d give the same answer: what would we gain by copying Williams? No disrespect to Williams, that’s a totally different concept and they’re behind. [au championnat]. If you copy something, you copy the best and right now it’s Red Bull and Ferrari.

“In our car we have the same engine as Ferrari, the same gearbox, the same suspension, so why should we copy something else? They [Ferrari] win races One and one is always two, and we’re not that stupid.”

Haas believes it complies

To make things clear: the Haas team car has been deemed compliant by the FIA ​​and it is for this reason that no team on the grid has attempted to file a claim for “copying” as happened earlier this season with the updated Aston Martin AMR22 that closely resembled the Red Bull team’s RB18 concept.

Despite the similarities (especially in the pontoons), the Silverstone team’s single-seater has been deemed compliant by the FIA, which believes Aston Martin has not “reverse-engineered” using photographs or technical data from Red Bull, which is entirely prohibited by the technical regulations in F1.

For its part, Red Bull has “taken note” of the governing body’s decision, but has nevertheless decided to launch an internal investigation, especially as the Milton Keynes team suspects that one of its former employees could facilitate confidential information to Aston. Martin, as Aston Martin recruited big names over the winter, including former Red Bull head of aerodynamics Dan Fallows.

On the Haas side, the situation is a little different because the American team has signed a partnership with Ferrari and their relationship goes a little further, as Haas now has offices at the Ferrari factory in Maranello: a design office headed by Simone Resta, head of chassis engineering at Ferrari.

After the Hungarian Grand Prix, the Haas team is seventh in the World Constructors’ Championship with 34 points since the start of the year, 7 more than the AlphaTauri team and 17 less than Alfa Romeo , with nine races to play.

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