The French shine in the 800 m, Mayer surrenders before the 110 m fences … What to remember from the Paris meeting

The Paris stage of the Diamond League began timidly on Saturday, before ending with a bang.

Kevin Mayer for fun

The world decathlon record had “he didn’t even plan to go farAligned with the triathlon format (weight, length and 110 m hurdles), Kevin Mayer was initially reassured by getting his best performance of the season in weight (15.61 m). The duration was then a test. shocking for him, where it was a matter of letting go and having fun to see what could be achieved after his Achilles tendon injury a few weeks ago. Then a third insured, just to make a mark (7m38). Mayer, on the other hand, decided not to compete in the 110m hurdles, for “do not take unnecessary risks“.

Kwaou-Mathey impresses with more than 110m hurdles

Punctually selected in the semifinals (4th time in his series in 13’44), Just Kwaou-Mathey transcended to the final to achieve a magnificent podium (3rd in 13’27, personal best). “I am just happy to break my record (again, 2nd time in a week) in Paris. My best friends came to see me, so they have to come more often (River). I don’t even know what to say, I’m very happy. I wanted to run below the minimums (13’32). This is done twice. At 13:27 I know I’m not far from Wilhem Belocian, so she’s very good. the interested person rejoiced. Pascal Martinot-Lagarde was eliminated in the semifinals with the fifth best time of his series in 13’55. It still remains “Happy with his career given the current form.”

Bony back to shit »

Benjamin Robert won in 1’43”75 over 800 meters after a very contested final with his compatriot Gabriel Tual, with a small glance that earned him a disqualification and then a reclassification. There is no doubt that it would not have happened at the World Cup but this time the story was too good. Especially because the surprise does not come from these two, already qualified for the World Cup in Eugene in early July, but from the eternal Pierre-Ambroise Bosse. Arriving in total deterioration, Bosse is still … the boss: in any case it has reached the minimum. 1’44”54 on arrival and a palpable relief. “This race means everything to me and my two friends. (Robert and Tual). I endured the whole race, and then I told myself that I would last as long as possible, which would put me at a minimum given the level of the others ”. said “PAB.” And to continue: “It’s been very hard for me lately, with a lot of mistakes. I didn’t think I could do it today, but the proof is that everything is in my head. Just unlock that little thing. If I hadn’t done this time, I would have assumed that my level was too low for the World Cup. On the other hand, today, everything is allowed. PAB is back! “

Gressier at the level of the best

Jimmy Gressier was far from winning, of course. Ethiopian Selemon Barega won in 12’56”19. But he has nothing to envy to others. Fourth in these 5,000 m in 13’08”75, the Frenchman has passed the minimum cut (13’09) and has confirmed his (good) form so far. Especially because with the heat that reigned in Paris on Saturday, the time is not really representative of the current level of athletes. “I think without the high temperatures, I’m 10 seconds below. Anyway, that’s what I expect. The form is really great and I think I can still improve it in the face of the Eugene World Cup and the European of Germany ”. entrusted the specialist to 5,000 and 10,000 m. Anyway, this performance was enough to raise an entire stadium, amazed by the level of the little blond.

Finot did not pass his “shock test”, but …

Alice Finot had come to run faster than usual in the 3,000-meter hurdles, and to test herself before the big events to come. Mission failed: 15 seconds slower than last week on arrival with a 9’37”46, and an anecdotal 9th ​​place. However, the coach of Spain at Celta de Vigo left Paris with a big smile. “I heard‘ Alice goes ’all the way around and she really understood me.. I started strong, with bases of 9’15, as I agreed with my coach. I broke down completely but the conditions were not optimal. At least I know what to work on “analyzed.

Vicaut not at his level, Fall continues to chase the lows

That these 100 meters will have been complicated for these gentlemen who had ambition on this straight. A wind against more than a meter will have destroyed any hope of a time trial, despite the goodwill of Mouhamadou Fall. “What do you want us to do in these conditions? I love the heat, so it didn’t bother me, but we have to admit that the wind kept us from expressing ourselves. We will have to do everything in the French Championship (in a few days in Caen) to try to reach the minimum (10’03). There, be it more than 100 or 200 m, you have to leave everything, stop calculating anything. I am preparing an attack for Caen, it will go very fast!, warn. For his part, Jimmy Vicaut finished third in 10:34, inevitably disappointed but the Frenchman will have done what he could with the shape of the moment and the difficult weather conditions this Saturday.

Lavillenie gradually returns to her level

A flight at 5m80 in the Parisian sky. This is what the French will be satisfied with this Saturday. Second in the competition behind Belgian Ben Broeders, Lavillenie was shown “a little disappointed not to go looking for victoryBut the most important thing was another place for him, a few months after the foot injury: “I am still calm after the Oslo competition, with really difficult conditions. I made good attempts at 5m85, and I’m doing a competition that is worthy of what I was able to do when I was good. Now I look up and I still have a good month to prepare Eugene, where I intend to jump 5m90. The form is pretty good and the mind follows it. It’s positive for the future. “

The main results of the international ones

In the women’s 100 meters, the Jamaican Fraser-Pryce made a perfect race in 10’67, the best performance of the season. He also broke the Paris Meeting record and confirmed his ultra-dominance in the discipline. The right time to see lightning pass through the Parisian sky. No, it wasn’t Usain Bolt, but not far away … Ivorian Marie-José Ta Lou signed a good third place in 11’01.

At the height, the Ukrainian Yaroslava Mahuchikh won with an excellent 2m01. He defeated two of his compatriots (Gerashchenko in 1m98 and Levchenko in 1m95). A Ukrainian hat-trick that reminds us that sport is still above many things.

Cuban double in the triple jump with Diaz Fortun who won with a jump of 17m66 ahead of Andy Diaz, in 17m65 (personal mark). Burkinabe Fabrice Hugues Zango (3rd at the Tokyo Games) finished fourth with a jump of 17m25.

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