The first “Made in Germany” SQlab seal: 6OX Infinergy Ergowave active

The 6OX is the perfect saddle for long, steep climbs (e) -mtb, while offering optimal relief. This means that the cyclist no longer needs to take positions that consume too much energy, but all the energy is available for the effort.

So a more mountain bike-oriented saddle, but one that could find its audience among gravel riders who often face the same problems.

The 6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE active saddle has been in existence for 4 years, but it is not the only version. The difference with this new 6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE active is the saddle foam, which is no longer a classic PU foam, but the BASF Infinergy material known for running shoes.

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This material is very robust and brings comfort to a whole new level, especially in off-road conditions, thanks to its faster bounce. There is no blanket covering the entire surface of the chair, as in conventional saddles. There are only “bands” in the most important places. They automatically attach to Infinergy foam without glue. The production technology was developed by the renowned car supplier Oechsler in Ansbach, Germany, for a major German sporting goods manufacturer a few years ago. SQlab and Oechsler jointly optimized this process for feces.

Although the main production of SQlab chairs remains in Taiwan, the 6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE “Made in Germany” active chair is the start of an exciting project in which SQlab has been working for many years. The benefits are clearly noticeable not only for the customer but also for the environment.

Access to the latest materials and manufacturing methods also allows SQlab, in collaboration with leading experts in materials research and production, to improve product features, durability and quality.

The local supply of SQlab’s “Made in Germany” products means, from an ecological point of view, not only that long transport routes are dispensed with, but that the products can be bought locally, but that production is extremely efficient and it is subject to strict German guidelines. Local production, quality assurance and longevity are key to the SQlab project.

This SQlab 6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE active 2.1 saddle sells for € 199.95.

Distribution of pressure according to medical aspects

The shape of the SQlab Step Saddle, which has been demonstrated for twenty years and has been improved even more in detail, ensures the distribution of pressure according to medical aspects: away from the perineal area and towards the bones of the trunk . The lower-level saddle nose ensures a better distribution of pressure at the level of the seat bones and sciatic branches and therefore puts less pressure on the sensitive structures of the perineal area. For both men and women. The vacuum in the middle of the chair is enough to ensure excellent irrigation of the blood and nerves.

A perfect suit for (e-) MTB

The shape of the SQlab chair with its raised seat surface is perfect for climbing, but it also brings more power to the pedal even in straight lines.

The perfect fit for women and men

It’s no secret: a saddle should look like a pair of shoes! In fact, if a chair is too narrow, pressure is exerted in places where it should not. In 2002, SQlab was the first chair manufacturer to invent a system to measure the distance between the bones of the trunk and calculate the optimal width of the saddle. All SQlab chair models are now available in four different widths. This ensures that the seat bones are flat on the chair. This is the only way to relieve the sensitive perineal area in men and the pubic arch generally deeper in women. The new active chair 6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE “Made in Germany” is available in four different widths (13/14/15/16 cm) and thus offers an optimal fit for men and women.

Respect for the back

The new “active system” is not only lighter, but also much more flexible.

Lateral movement, which increases comfort and saves intervertebral discs, is one of the features that has allowed SQlab chairs to gain numerous tests in recent years. The active movement is even more adjustable in the new models, because the elastomers have become smaller and lighter (each saddle includes 3 elastomers of different densities – soft, medium, hard). The housing is made of a new mixture of plastic and fiberglass and allows active function thanks to the flexibility of the material.

The active technology of the SQlab saddle allows a physiological movement of the pelvis. This ensures a round pedaling movement, which can relieve intervertebral discs and facet joints. This can contribute to more fatigue-free driving and the prevention of complaints in the lower lumbar spine area. Dr. Markus Knöringer, a specialist in neurosurgery, spinal and intervertebral disc surgery and is also a sports physician.

Tobias Hild, founder and CEO of SQlab, looks to the future with enthusiasm.

Since the beginning of SQlab -almost twenty years ago- we have thought about the production technology of each new product and we have discussed and worked a lot with experts from our region. Until now, the high percentage of manual labor has always been the big problem of the return of production to Germany. In addition, in Taiwan, the “production know-how” has reached a very high level. Much of the work there is now automated and is carried out following strict environmental, occupational safety and social guidelines. But what still differentiates us in Germany is the strong mechanical engineering and world leader, especially automation and robotics. So all that remained was to bring together the best experts in materials research and manufacturing, which we achieved with Oechsler and BASF.

It is now possible to return production to Germany. “It’s just the beginning, but there are many more possibilities. We are delighted with the short distances, the reduced delivery times and the significantly higher speed of innovation ”.

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