The F1 Grand Prix in the Var in the middle of a heat wave outrages the elected environmentalists

via Associated Press The celebration of the Grand Prix of F1 in the Var, in Le Castellet, on July 24, in the middle of a heat wave, outrages the elected ecologists.

via Associated Press

ENVIRONMENT – A “total aberration”. The Formula 1 French Grand Prix, which takes place this Sunday July 24 in Le Castellet, in the Var, shocks environmentalists in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur at a time when the region is suffering from a heat wave and an increase in risk of fire

“We allow, for the occasion, that spectators park in classified wooded spaces that risk igniting with the slightest bit thrown away. Suppose, for the occasion, to block roads, generate traffic jams, generate additional atmospheric pollution (…) How much CO2 will the F1 emit this weekend?EELV Paca in a press release published on Sunday.

“In Le Castellet (…), while car tires squeal under the heat of the bitumen, the inhabitants will continue to hydrate themselves thanks to bottled water because, for more than a month, tap water is unfit for consumption (…). The air quality looks gray in this month of July because the heat generates an overflow of the pollution threshold for fine particles”, says the press release.

Heat wave alert in the Var

And criticise: “It is there, in Le Castellet, in a tense climate and health context, that 200,000 people are expected to watch the car races and that they sell us big shots of advertisements promoting the petrol car”.

The Var, like a large district in the south-east of France, is on alert this Sunday due to a heat wave and firefighters were on alert with the risk of a “very serious” forest fire in a large part of the department, including the Castellet. AtmoSud also activated a level 1 alert for ozone pollution.

In this context, for EELV, “all efforts must be directed to the fight against fires, the fight against air pollution, the fight for the preservation of natural spaces”. The party therefore asks the president of the region, ex-LR Renaud Muselier, to “consider very seriously the interest in renewing in the future” this competition “which has nothing ecological” in its territory.

The future of the GP in France was threatened

The union of leftists and environmentalists had withdrawn from the last regional to allow Renaud Muselier to win against the extreme right. In exchange, he had promised to give them a place in the regional debate and says he wants to make “climate change” his priority.

The future of the French GP is also under threat because the contract has not yet been renewed. Next-generation F1, powered by American group Liberty Media, which has held the commercial rights since 2017, is now exported from Saudi Arabia to Las Vegas and could move away from one or more historic stages in Europe .

The French round is doing everything to stay on the schedule. After heavy traffic jams in 2018, an extensive mobility plan was organized to make access more fluid, entertainment and concerts punctuated the weekend for the 200,000 spectators expected from Friday to Sunday, a record .

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