The bike route of Martinique: an exhibition window

On Sunday, July 17, 2022, the 41st cycling tour of Martinique ended with the victory of the Colombian Pedal Pilotine Diégo Armando Soraca Cabezas. Organizers are already making the first assessments of an event that kept the suspense going until the last day at the Lamentin circuit. This tour of Martinique remains a constellation of encounters and a crossroads of memories.

The reputation of the Tour de France has long crossed the borders of Martinique. The 2022 edition had a strong media exposure.

Across borders

The live broadcast of the race in Martinique la 1ère went beyond our territory. The sporting and popular event was a major focus on the diversity and richness of Martinique landscapes around the world. Martinique la 1ère, the public media broadcast aerial photographs of the areas visited throughout the event. Undoubtedly, the route contributes to making Martinique a tourist destination.

(Top left): Michael Roy (Consultant– Jean-claude Samyde (live TV presenter) right: Stéphanie Octavia (tour magazine presenter- Bottom Guy Albert Malongina (Martinique radio) bottom on the right Christine Cupit and Stéphane Jean-Pierre (itvs on arrival))

© Martinique 1r

From Japan to Germany, through Italy, Canada, Venezuela … Martinique benefited from the international media exposure, a steady increase in television and web audiences for Martinique, the 1st outside our borders. In fact, there is considerable economic and media potential for the future around cycling that the progressive enthusiasm of the public and the growing interest of the media should help to strengthen. The route designed by the technical committee of the cycling committee maintained the suspense until the last day at the Lamentin circuit.

Félix Vert-pré: 150 euros for the first Martinique of each stage


Félix Vert-Pré has incredible courage and great solidarity

© Daniel Betis

Félix Vert-Pré, the president of “Agir sans voir”, reached all stages; He he conducted numerous interviews for his radio. But what characterized the presence of the president of the association “Agir sans Voir” was his presence on the tour, which offered a daily bonus of 150 euros to the first Martinique runner on stage.

The bike ride was magnificent. Our association participated fully by offering prizes of 150 euros every day. We stand in solidarity with good deeds. The tower remains a showcase of popular communication

Félix Vert-Pré – Radio Handi

Gustave Fitt-Duval, director of security and covid reference19

Gustave Fitt-Duval, the director of security, examined hundreds of Vauban barriers every day to check the solidity of the device. Careful work for this sports lover.


tower security director

© Daniel Betis

Initially, this basketball lover aimed for the gold star, the Club omnisports de Fort-de-France was dedicated to cycling at the request of Alfred Defontis. He is currently a member of the Martinique Cycling Committee. He shows great satisfaction for the 2022 round.

I show great satisfaction. The protocols went well and the arrivals went smoothly. We were able to manage and make the right arrangements on time. The lathe is a great machine, each person trying to help achieve what you have experienced, a popular visual sporting success. It is a collective work.

Gustave Fitt-Duval – Director of Travel Safety

Magali, the second mother of the runners

With her blue glasses, Magali is the second mother of runners. He is present every day and has the pleasure of supporting the pilots, managers and other personalities present on the tour.

A smile, a kind word, offers coffee, croissants, pizzas. At noon the same operation continued.


Magali, VIP reception manager

© Daniel Betis

Thierry Ferdinand, the man with three hats

Thierry Ferdinand, during this 41st round had three hats: the reception, the group of referees and the management of the goal.

Thierry Ferdinand was fully invested in the responsibility of the referees, who contribute to the smooth running of the competitions and the management of the goal. His team set up the finish village and the line. A real organization that leaves no room for chance.

With his great experience, he contributed his know-how to the organization of the tour of Martinique.


Thierry Ferdinand, the triple hat

© Daniel Betis

“I’m relieved. After two years, we kept the automatics. We worked respecting the regulations. Cycling is a big family. The demonstration was done at every stage. I can only thank everyone who worked for the success of the 41st edition of the bike tour.

Thierry Ferdinand – Signal Manager

Alain Dédé, honorary president of the tour

Alain Dédé was in this edition of the cycling tour, as honorary president of the event.


from left to right The official announcer Dominique Lepel, the mayor of Le Marin and Alain Dédé

© Daniel Betis

The former president of Crosma, after having promoted various disciplines: athletics, skiffs and school sports, found himself in the world of cycling.

I remember an exceptional organization. We do not deplore any accident, that is the most important thing. Congratulations to Alfred Défontis and his team for managing the event during these nine days. I also noticed the quality of our riders who never stopped fighting. We have a good succession of young people. The crowd responded to the organizer’s call, and the last day of the Lamentin circuit was fantastic. Whenever the opportunity arises I will not hesitate to follow cycling.

Alain Dédé, honorary president of the 41st tour of Martinique

They celebrated their 18 years of marriage on the tour

On stage François, the audience was able to applaud the couple Etienne and Laure Jean Baptiste Adolphe. The head of protocol invited the public to applaud 2 referees celebrating their 18 years of marriage. An important moment, because Laure and Etienne share the same passions as cycling.

In front of the audience and on the podium, like the first day, they kissed.


Tour lovers

© Daniel Betis

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