the best French chances for the Euros

From left to right, Kevin Mayer (decathlon), Nicolas Navarro (marathon) and Jimmy Gressier (10,000 meters). panoramic

From August 15 to 21, 101 Frenchmen will represent the tricolor at the European Championships in Munich. With many possibilities of podiums.

10 charms This is what France was able to recover from the European Championships in Berlin in 2018. Still on the same soil, the tricolor delegation hopes to do better this year in Munich. All united behind their captain Kevin Mayer, the only medalist at the World Championships in Eugene (Oregon), many of them can hope to take back a medal from Germany.

Kevin Mayer for a double

The inevitable double decathlon world champion, the only Frenchman to have won a Eugene medal, is the decathlon favourite. If a few days ago his participation was uncertain, Kevin Mayer will indeed participate in these European Championships, with the aim of achieving a double victory by achieving the gold. Although the sequence of two decathlons in a few weeks is extremely difficult, the form of “Keke” at the moment can make us wait.

Nicolas Navarro will attempt the feat

For his second appearance in the tricolor jersey, the tricolor marathoner can compete with the best and secure a podium finish this year. A performance that would be historic as France won only one medal in the European men’s marathon, was Dominique Chauvelier (bronze in 1990). Beyond the individual goal, the member of Sco Ste-Marguerite Marseille aims to recover a collective charm. Therefore, the French team must achieve the best possible average time with their three best athletes at the finish line. In the absence of Hassan Chahdi (who favored Mons Eugene), Nicolas Navarro, Benjamin Choquert and Michael Gras should be the three most successful tricolors. Florian Carvalho could also withdraw from the game.

Jimmy Gressier, a revenge to take

“morally diminished” before the World Cup in Eugene (11th in 27’44”55), the Frenchman faces the biggest goal of his season. Heavy favorites with a personal best of 27’24”51, the Boulonnais will give it their all to bring home the gold. It would be a good gift for someone who has already established himself as one of the figures of the French delegation at the Paris 2024 Games.

Quentin Bigot dreams of a podium

Fourth in Eugene a few weeks ago, the French hammer throw champion is hoping not to bring home a chocolate medal this time around. In direct competition with the Poles Fajdek and Nowicki, and the Norwegian Henriksen (Eugene’s podium), Bigot will undoubtedly have to throw more than 80 meters if he wants to hope to get on the grid. He should therefore approach his personal best (80m55), try to improve it.

Renaud Lavillenie, remembering the good old days

No, the former pole vaulter is not gone. And he could even surprise us once again next to Munich. Although Duplantis, who improved his world record in Eugene, looks untouchable, the podium remains within range, or at least pole position. Fifth in the World Cup, Lavillenie can count on his current form, which is slowly returning after his injury in Tokyo.

Wilfried Happio, goal of the title and nothing else

At the foot of the podium in Eugene behind a Brazilian and two Americans, the 23-year-old Frenchman will try to make a run for a European title. Revealed to the general public a few weeks ago, Happio could materialize all the work done for a few years and become one of the great hopes of French athletics for the 2024 Olympics.

Sasha Zhoya, Just Kwaou-Mathey and Pascal Martinot-Lagarde, the magic trio

The French triple has the podium at the end of the points. A seasoned champion, Pascal Martinot-Lagarde, and two diamonds in the rough, Sasha Zhoya and Juste Kwaou-Mathey. On a big day, all three can get on the podium. For Martinot-Lagarde, it would be a sign of a great return to the best of times, while for Sasha Zhoya it would be the confirmation, among the greats, of a young shooter on his way to becoming a benchmark in his discipline . .

Gabriel Tual and Benjamin Robert

We can get wet there, it’s gold or nothing. The two Habs are surely the two best founding midfielders in Europe at the moment. In any case above 800 meters, Gabriel Tual and Benjamin Robert will both aim for the title, and so it will be “May the best win», as Robert stated at the Paris meeting in June. At the moment, the advantage is Tual, who managed to sneak into the final of the World Cup in Eugene and achieve a promising 6th position. Robert had stopped him halfway. We can even afford to dream of a double!

Rénelle Lamote, the hope of the women’s 800

The task will be much more complex for the French woman than for her male counterparts. But on a good day, Rénelle Lamote can hope to reclaim a medal from Munich. Eighth European at the World Cup in Eugene a few weeks ago (where his run had stopped in the semi-finals), he will now need to approach his best performance of the season (1’58”48) to try to upset. the pre-established hierarchy in Oregon.

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